Steelers Were The Lone Team To Vote Against New CBA

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    When the new Collective Bargaining agreement was ratified on Thursday, all but one team voted yes. "We voted no," offensive tackle Willie Colon told Ralph Paulk of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "At the time of our discussions, I don't think there was a definite answer (on HGH testing)," said quarterback Charlie Batch, a member of the NFLPA executive committee. "There was a level of uncertainty because a lot of guys didn't know what they were signing up for," linebacker Lawrence Timmons said. "We had a short time limit to sign everything, so I feel we were rushed." "I think we gave in some places we would like to win," said Steelers union rep Ryan Clark, who Wednesday cast doubt whether the union would ratify the agreement. "They (owners) got to keep some of the things they wanted to keep. They got to get more money back (53 percent to 47 percent revenue split), but that's the tug of war you have with negotiations."

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    Lol. Imagine that..
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    lol score
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    Of course! I'd have it no other way!!
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    Screw the Steelers. If their attitudes weren't so bad they wouldn't have so many problems.
  6. K Train

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    No matter what they say we know it is because some of their players like to take cheap shots and they are tired of getting fined because of it.
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    Reason # 478,934,754,397 why I hate the freaking Steelers.
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  10. 86WARD

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    Reason # 478,934,754,396 would be?
  11. Steve12

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    Jerome Harrison should be at least half of those. lol.
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    yeah i dont really like any former browns and eagles backup RBs
  13. Only six players on the Steelers' squad approved......
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    Why would I be mad? Pats own the Steelers. I just hate their attitude.
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    LOL.. Thats cause they didnt want the HGH testing. Harrison is hecked. He has roid rage every other week!!
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    hgh isnt a steroid, thus no roid rage.

    it was all over the appeal process for appealing fines as a result of crushing blows
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    One of my favorite crowned posts...