Steve Smith Says Panthers WR Dwayne Jarrett Will Be A Starter

Discussion in 'Carolina Panthers' started by SRW, May 11, 2010.

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    Panthers WR Steve Smith said Dwayne Jarrett will start on the other side of him and not one of the rookies in Brandon LaFell or Armanti Edwards. Smith was asked what to expect out the receivers without Muhsin Muhammad. "Obviously, (there's) a new starter (Dwayne Jarrett), two new young guys (Brandon LaFell, Armanti Edwards)," Smith said. "There are 11 of us (in camp), so that's a lot. I think change could be good. Time will tell. ... You want to say, 'We're going to be the best bunch of guys,' but I think just allowing those guys to really just be themselves right now I think is the best bet." Jarrett has completely underwhelmed since coming to the Panthers out of USC. He will now get the chance to prove himself, but LaFell and Edwards will likely bring a tough challenge.

    Source: CBS Sports
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    Moving forward, the Panthers need to get a number 2 target for Clausen. Dwayne Jarrett, Brandon LaFell, and Armanti Edwards? Get real with me here. He's so pro ready at such a young age, let him grow into that offense with a lot of talent around him. He has a bonafide number 1 in Smith, a double headed MONSTER in Williams/Stewart at HB, an adequate O-Line headed by top T Jordan Gross, imagine him with a number 2?

    In fact, just a side note: Arrelious Benn chose Illinois over Notre Dame. If he had chosen Notre Dame, and Clausen had both Tate AND Benn to throw to, I think he'd have gone No. 1 to the Rams.
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    yeah benn roded ND over, benn probably would have been a high first rounder too

    theres nothing wrong with lafell though, hes a really good talent to look forward to, im pulling for jarrett though, he could break out like syndey rice did