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Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by Omen, Oct 31, 2007.

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    Four years ago, the Cowboys finally overcame their nemesis by beating the Eagles at mid-season to drop their record to 2-3. While it looked then like the balance of power in the NFC was shifting, the Eagles rebounded to win 10 of their last 11 games to claim their third straight division title. Then last season, the Eagles lost quarterback Donovan McNabb to a season-ending knee injury and were on the verge of letting go of the rope until they pulled off a five-game winning streak, including a win over the Cowboys at Texas Stadium on Christmas Day, to capture their fifth division title in the last six years.

    Source: Nick Eatman,
  2. eaglesrule4ever

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    great post we are still the champs and we are maybe not the best right now but every year we are a contender we have great coachs that put the players in situations to win games and that is wat we do is win games.This season reid sucks so we wont win but if reid picks his play making decisions up we will be a playoff contender
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    nice article but right now the cowboys hold all of the cards.
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    yes we do but we got a long and hard road ahead i hope we will not fizzle out like last year, i really dont think we will
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    The Eagles will probably have to sweep the Cowboys to have a shot at the division title this season. I don't see that happening though.
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    The Eagles looked better against the Vikings. And while I think the Eagles could win this weekend, it's the Cowboys division to lose. The only thing I can think of that would throw them off is if the Giants are actually legit this year. But I think the Cowboys can beat them again, but not like their first game.