Strahan Says Favre Didn't Give Him Record-Breaking Sack

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    When Michael Strahan set the NFL's single-season sack record in 2001, he did it with an assist from Brett Favre, who essentially handed Strahan his record-breaking final sack of the season by rolling out and sliding down directly in front of him. Eight years later, Favre is a Viking and Strahan is a broadcaster, and Favre and Strahan are the only ones still clinging to the illusion that Strahan earned the sack that took him from 21.5 -- half a sack behind Mark Gastineau's 1984 mark -- to 22.5. "No, Brett Favre did not lay down to give me a sack," Strahan said on KHTK in Sacramento, per "Doesn't happen in the NFL man."

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    Bull! I like Strahan but that is a bald faced lie, it was clear as day to anyone paying attention.
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    so this story is what...3 years old???
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    anyone know where i can find a video of the "sack"?
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    ^^^^truth. favre may have never told strahan that he did it on purpose but he DID. we all saw it strahan.
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    It's number 1.

    [ame=]YouTube - Top 10 Michael Strahan moments[/ame]
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    He wasnt going to get away anyways.. This story shouldnt be anything to do with Favre.. 31 QB's out of the league would have gone down seeing a big #92 coming at you. It's the TE or whomever was blocking him El Matador style.

    What this video made me realize is how much MORE he had int the tank when he retired. He was in awesome shape to keep playing.

    Anyways, who cares.. this is old news.
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    Yeah and my wife didn't marry down....
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    Well if he wouldent have down strahan would have killed him there anyway
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    Football players don't lie.

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    NYGHS Favre wasn't going to get away because he ran right in front of Strahan and slid down - he quite clearly hosed Gastineau out of his record. Whether or not Strahan was in on it is a matter of opinion but Favre knew what he was doing.
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    thats not what I heard :p
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    She was asking for it...
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    We all know that almighty Favre decided cheat the record, but don't bring Strahan in on this like it was something setup pre-game. It is a baseless claim. I know you didn't actually say that, but it doesn't even need to be brought up.

    Fact is I hated that moment, and I hate Favre for freaking with the game like that. Strahan had an great year and cheeserod forever tainted it. Looking back you have to wonder if he did it for the attention of forever being that final key sack.
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    Bullcrap! You went to Troy. :icon_eek::icon_cheesygrin:
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    Upon further review, it didn't look like there was anything favre could do do avoid him anyway. he could've tried to scramble away, cut strahan would have gotten to him and gotten the sack anyway. I read a thing on like wikipedia that said that favre was seen chatting with strahan after the previous play and several giants gave him a pat on the helmet after the play.
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    Well there you have it it's official...
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    No one cares, we all know Brett gave it up like a paid tramp.