Super Bowl XLVIII - Denver Broncos Vs. Seattle Seahawks - Sunday, February 2, 2014

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    Good endorsement for
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    What an awful game
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    The refs letting the Seattle D play was a little surprising with the pre-game whining here & there

    Love watching physical, dominant Ds turn #1 offenses into JV squads.
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    Wow just wow. I stayed up ALL night to watch the game. And all I can come up with is WOW.

    Does this Seahawks defense compare with the Ravens 2000?

    I can't believe how bad Peyton and the Broncos where. WOW.

    Also very glad, the MVP was from the D and not the O.

    Great win, not the best Superbowl but well deserved for Seattle Fans.
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    Peyton doesn't like Omaha anymore give him a new city
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    They all have awful haircuts :ROFLMAO:
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    I agree..I've always been a Defensive guy...nothing better than a QB picking grass out of his teeth.
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    I sometimes wonder what Marino's resume would have looked like if he had the "No Name Defense" during his time. God knows he had the offensive weapons.
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    one of the most dominating defensive performances i have ever seen in a super bowl.

    the #1 defense "this season" curb stomped one of the best offesne in nfl history in a time when defenses can't blink. hate the game all you want but if you like defesne you loved that game.

    also, i think it's time the haters give the seatlle fans their due. they had no so called help and they were still loud. that was the loudest crowd since the eagles & steelers fans were at the big game. props.
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    They simply got beat by a better team. Destroyed by a better team, I suppose.
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    The Seahawks where in the Broncos head from the opening snap of the game. For me, this game was over when the score was 15-0. The Seahawks showed they wanted this more. I'm not stunned the Seahawks won this game. I was just hoping for a better game.
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    Two of them are already in the HOF and the other two will be there when eligible.
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    Those playoff loss stats can be misleading. Brady and Manning have been in the playoffs almost every year of their career. You get in that many times and your bound to rank high.
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    people talk about how many losses Manning has. And this loss has a lot to do with him also but it is a team sport and those losses shouldn't diminish his accomplishments.
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    That game was pathetic at best. Most of the people I've talked to say it was fixed/thrown by the Broncos. Manning had/showed no ambition from the get go and that's not Manning like by any means.
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    The game was over when the center tossed the snap past Mannings ears into the endzone.. first snap! Talk about getting into a team head.
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