Superbowl Ring Is Seau's Purpose

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by skinsfan1, Jan 11, 2008.

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    FOXBOROUGH, Mbutt. – Seat 2A can wait a few more weeks.

    Not that New England Patriots linebacker Junior Seau's one-liner that drives coach Bill Belichick a little crazy isn't still funny. During the dreary days of offseason mini-camps and workouts as the players were doing conditioning sprints under Belichick's watchful eye, Seau would break the monotony by yelling out, "Seat 2A."

    That was the location of his seat for the plane ride home to San Diego when the workouts were done. The players would all chuckle. Belichick would fume, but just a little.

    "'Seau, can't we just (expletive) concentrate on what we have to do right now,'" Seau says, imitating Belichick's reaction from the offseason. A few feet away, fellow linebacker Adalius Thomas shouts "Seat 2A" in Seau's direction and starts to laugh at the image of Belichick getting a little frosty with the troops.

    "Yeah, Belly likes to get on us," Seau said with a smile as he took a moment from his preparation for Saturday night's divisional round matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    Belly? Hold on! Is that some endearing nickname for the NFL's premier taskmaster and resident genius? You get the feeling that if anyone but a veteran player with at least 12 years and a half-dozen Pro Bowl selections notched on his belt were to call Belichick by that name, he'd be cut on the spot. However, Seau can pull it off and still maintain an air of respect for the brilliant coach.
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    I hope he's on seat 2A Sunday morning:icon_twisted:
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    Same here PS.
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    He can keep wanting that Superbowl ring, he'll be waiting at least one more year after this Saturday night. :icon_evil:
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    thats the right attitude but next year i fully expect the eagles to make it no less.
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    I hope he don't get it either. Being Dallas is in it!!!!!!:dance04:
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    Belly up. The Jags can beat'em.
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    This just in: Fire burns people.

    Also, in related news: People can drown in water, and the sky is in fact blue.
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    He deserve one and will get one this year!!!
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    He certainly deserves one. I'd love for him to be able to retire after winning one. Not liking Junior is like not liking grandma's apple pie.
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    But the problem is, his ring will have an * on it because of the Spygate.:icon_sad: Dallas is truly the honest team left as they worked a lot harder and didn't cheat anybody. it's going to be a black eye onto the NFL if the Pats win because of Spygate. Unless their coach gets a fat fine and all their drafts are taken, the Pats are an * team forever if they win the Superbowl. They'll share the same honor of shame when the Rams cheated to beat the Titans because the Rams cheated the Bucs.
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    Screw that *, I honestly don't believe that they spied on every team, the blackeye is on the coach not the team and I don't believe that they got where they are because of it. You don't think that $250,000.00 Belichick had to pay was huge?

    How do you know the Cowboys didn't cheat, just because they weren't caught doesn't mean they didn't cheat or the rest of the league for that matter. Rams cheated the Titans??? Rams cheated the Bucs??? Didn't the 49ers cheat in 1994?? I don't see any * next to number 5...
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    Screw Spygate. And heck the clowns and their god **mn asterisks. Put one giant asterisk on ALL sports since 1970 then. It's freaking ridiculous that every time something happens people pull out the *. Shawn Merriman was busted, so put an asterisk next to every single sack he gets. It took Randy Moss 16 games to break Rice's record....asterisk! There were some holding calls not called when AP went for 296. You know what needs to go next to 296?

    They got caught doing what EVERY team does EVERY week....just in the wrong spot and it was 8 minutes into the 1st quarter of the first game. It didn't mean crap then and it doesn't mean crap now.

    Screw asterisks and the people that use them. I'm so sick and tired of hearing that god **mn word. It itself is black eye on sports now because everyone wants to use it every time something happens.
  14. TDJets72027

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    Lol, just playing around:icon_cheesygrin:
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    Verry nice post. Rep to ya, even though I hate the bastards!:icon_thumright:
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    Here you go:

    * san Diego just gave you the freaking Superbowl. I thought Superbowls were meant to be challenging. The Jax game was a challenge, the san Diego game WILL NOT! I thought the best of the best go up, but I guess I'm wrong as it has to be easy for a team like the Pats and take pity on them.:icon_frown:

    I hope Norv Turner is AXED in any which way next to Nolan! These 2 individuals are the sorriest excuses for humans to ruin a sport and the fun of it.
  17. Spanky

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    asteriks this:


    All you have done is whine and drag your snail trail across the board.

    San Diego put it to the Colts, plain and simple. They played physical football and punched Indy in the freaking mouth. I love the fact that the Chargers beat Indy even though they were banged up. It's ABSOLUTELY priceless!!! Freaking Pantywaist Manning had his usual loser bobblehead going today and I thought that was terriffic..

    Just like FSU said; you may as well asteriks every record, champion, etc.. since 1970. Patriots coaching staff crossed the line during THE FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON. The team then commenced to tearing the league up; proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the incident had nothing to do with their success.

    Seau just might get his ring but AS A FAN of this Patriots team I say that there is always a possibility of an upset and that's why they play the game.
  18. Sweets

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    Actually as a 49er fan I liked that the Chargers beat last years champion.hehehe
  19. 49erGenius

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    I disagree. I don't want the Colts' pick now.:icon_sad:

    San Diego will do nothing to the Pats. The Pats will break up Phillip Rivers and incite San Diego fans for a mass protest in firing Norv Turner for losing the game. This should be like Remember the Titans: If San Diego loses to New England, Norv Turner should be fired, end of story.

    There is no upset, Pats fan. Oh sure, I watched my home region high school team lose their championship game, but they lost to a better hard playing opposing team. The Chargers are not a tough team. They're soft.
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    hmm, how ironic would it be if the Chargers beats the Pats and went on to the SB? Seau would be like WTF?! :icon_rolleyes: