Tarvaris Jackson SUCKS

Discussion in 'NFL Smack Central' started by Bears 88, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. dolphindude13

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    I'd feel bad for taking his hard earned vcash.:icon_rolleyes:
  2. Rips Vikes

    Rips Vikes GO VIKES!!!

    Yeah, don't be a cat!
  3. dolphindude13

    dolphindude13 Jack Of All Trades

    Alright Stuper Beast.....I'll take your vcash.....it's like taking candy from a baby!
  4. Rips Vikes

    Rips Vikes GO VIKES!!!

    You hear that Beast, he called you a baby! :shock:
  5. Marion Who?

    Marion Who? Captain Stiff Arm

    Right, we get it, Jackson eats monkey pubes for breakfast..
  6. SuperBeast

    SuperBeast BANNED

    you should here what his wife calls me.....

    Double D, it's on, SON!!!!!!!! :icon_cheesygrin:

    BTW- i gave 20k v-cash to someone the other day fro nothing lol....
  7. DaBearsrule4ever

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  8. 49erGenius

    49erGenius Banned

    Don't ask how he does in Madden. It's pretty bad when you get sacked 10 times. :laughpound:
  9. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    and what does madden have to do with tavaris' real life suckage ?
  10. 49erGenius

    49erGenius Banned

    He's just very bad and not fun to play against when he starts. :tsk: He's worse in real life also. :laughpound:
  11. burnout2oo7

    burnout2oo7 I Am Dawk's Broken Heart

    I created a player named 49ersGenius on Madden. He yelled at the Niners fans for coming to the game, then he sat on the field and cried about the Patriots.
  12. 49erGenius

    49erGenius Banned

    Oh yeah? Well I created you on Madden 2008. You're the 3rd Running Back that's not even used for I put in Michael Robbinson purposely and you sit on the side that R Woods used to occupy. :rollinglaugh: I think T Jackson is looking over at you sitting all by your lonesome.
  13. SuperBeast

    SuperBeast BANNED

    I actually felt bad for you after reading this......
  14. 86WARD

    86WARD -




    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to SuperBeast again.

  15. 49erGenius

    49erGenius Banned

    I felt bad that you couldn't say anything great about it. :tsk: I just made an observation about what T Jackson does. Not my fault what he does in Madden is coincidental in real life. Did you know Carson Palmer injured his knee and was out 13 weeks on Madden?:icon_eek:
  16. SuperBeast

    SuperBeast BANNED

    what, really? you have to be kidding!!
  17. 49erGenius

    49erGenius Banned

    Glad you were interested. That makes my day.:icon_cheesygrin:
  18. reubenco

    reubenco Greenbelter

    He does, but he's on a really good team featuring elite players like:
    Adrian Peterson
    Chester Taylor
    Bernard Berrian
    Bryant McKinnie
    Steve Hutchinson
    Matt Birk
    Kevin Williams
    Pat Williams
    Darren Sharper
    Antoine Winfield
    Madieu Williams

    I think he'll be okay
  19. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    *Elite?!? I don't think so...