Teammates Complain About Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger's Abuse

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    Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review reports Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, playing with a broken nose, took several shots to the head yesterday. After one in the second quarter, Roethlisberger could be seen gesturing and talking to referee Walt Coleman. "I got the same response that I got last week, that he was just trying to tackle you," Roethlisberger said. "So I just let it go." Free safety Ryan Clark did anything but that after the Steelers improved to 10-3. "I already told y'all, they protect everybody's quarterback in the NFL but ours. I don't know how many times I've got to say it," said Clark, who is also the Steelers' union representative. "And they protect the ones we play a lot. I guess they're just scared to step out and say, 'Dang, maybe they are being targeted.' We say it, and we believe it." Roethlisberger wore a shield to protect the nose he had surgically repaired last Monday but ditched it at halftime because of the rain and issues it caused with visibility. He took a beating again yesterday, getting sacked four times and hit on numerous other occasions. "The hits that Ben takes every week, it's kind of ridiculous that they always miss those calls," Steelers linebacker James Farrior said, "but any time we breathe on a quarterback, they always seem to find that (call)."

    Source: Pittsburgh Times-Review
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    The benefits of free 15 yards that other qbs are getting would be nice, but it is what it is I guess. He's being punished for being difficult to take down. Like I said last week Trent Cole got penalized for touching the back of Manning's helmet while Ben is getting punched from every which way and nothing.
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    ya its football. ive def seen tom brady get some calls while rodgers and big ben just keep getting drilled over and over again..... but this is football. and ive never heard the steelers snitch like this all season. tomlin is not keeping these guys in line. play the game, play it hard and quit snitching to the media.
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    If he wants to be treated like a cat under the League's rules and get flags, be more of a cat and go down when they try to tackle you, but I don't advise it. Michael Vick's having a similar problem.

    The wording of the thread title is priceless btw
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    btw, I agree with coda and snowman...shut up and play damn it...
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    this aint touch it? lol

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    He's a bear to get down, so he is going to take more abuse. Vick doesn't believe in sliding, so take the hits, and shut up.
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    They have to keep complaining maybe they will eventually draw a flag in a key situation, it works for Reid and Vick. Keep complaining, send videos to the league do whatever you have to. Our offense is horrible right now, maybe some 15 yard penalties will help.
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    We got one flag thrown our way, and that's because two Cowboys gave Vick a helmet to helmet hit on the same play. There was no question that deserved the flag.

    We didn't get a 'freebie' all game.
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    I didn't say it was a freebie, the same thing has happened to Ben on numerous occasion, Reid got the refs attention who knows if that would have been called before Reid's plead to the league, I just want more attention payed to the safety of our quarterback too. It's only fair.
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    IMO all qbs should be treated the same......I think the players should be quite and let the coach take care of the matter
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    Spot on, all should be treated the same. But as far as the players being quiet, these were all answers to questions asked by the media at the post-game press conferences.
  13. maybe in order to stop this they should have invested in an OT? Just a thought.
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    I thougjt they were just speackimg out
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    Should be, but aren't. There's a star system in the NFL.
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    Another week in the NFL and with it another thread about the SteAler's players whining about refs.
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    I know they are talking about Ben specifically this time. But they have been standing up for all of the other quarterbacks that are not getting the calls. All they are asking(not whining) is that the officiating be as fair as possible for offenses as well as defenses.
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    Oh they aren't whining....they are on a crusade to protect QBs everywhere. Sorry, my mistake. Bully for them!
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    Sorry, but THAT'S funny! :icon_cheesygrin: