Teams may try to hurt Brady

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by Bears 88, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Kind of the whole point wasn't it Clet? I agree....and I hope it doesn't happen that way but when the point is being made by announcers and ex coaches and fans.....maybe there's something to it. I don't want to see it happen either but I can see where it could. There are some pretty classless guys in the league. Like i was referring to Haynesworth earlier (thanks Afjay). I can't see how anyone would wish it on any player but some might and some might do it also. It would be a terrible blackeye for the NFL if it did happen though.
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    Now if I remember what I just saw yesterday- the Patriots were in a fight to the finish, playing all four quarters. And if they had pulled their starters early in the fourth quarter of past games like everyone wants to cry that they should do, would they have had enough to win yesterday? No, I don't believe so.

    One other question- if your team is ahead 38-7 in the fourth quarter of a game, in scoring position, would you prefer they kick a field goal and take MORE POINTS, or use a running play designed to make the opponent STOP THEM FROM SUCCEEDING?
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    rep to you my man. :cool:
    This all just looks like a bunch of haters to me. It's a game, if you're team isn't good enough then man up and make it good enough. Bunch of pansies.
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    There are a lot of ways to make it look like a close hit and still be trying to injure someone. All you have to do is go for their knees right before they pbutt. Would probably be a 15 yard penalty and a fine, but there aren't any rules about tackling a guy at the knees, its football. No severe punishments would be handed down, unless someone came running in from the sidelines, or did it blatantly after Brady was out of the play. Look at Carson Palmer's injury a few years ago, the player clearly went for his knees, but that's football.

    I for one don't give a crap about running up the score, it shows a lot of disrespect, but there's nothing wrong with it. They're asking teams to step up to the challenge, and if they can't, they're going to embarrass them. The game isn't about showing respect when it all comes down to it. Its about winning. The Patriots are winning the way they want to, and so far, the Colts have been the only team to do something about it. But if they continue to do it, Brady's going to be in trouble. The QB is the most vulnerable player on the field on offense, and the most important player in the Pats case. It's really not too difficult to "accidentally" roll into his knees trying to "disrupt the pass".