Terrell Owens Denied Rental Property Because Of His 'Drama'

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bills' started by Mike, Jun 3, 2009.

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    The Bills' high-profile receiver's search for a place to live in the Buffalo area has hit a snag after Owens said he was denied a chance to rent a home in Orchard Park because of the potential "drama" he might bring to the neighborhood. Owens first announced what happened late Tuesday night by posting a message on his Twitter.com site. The message read that he's "tripping about residents" who won't rent a home to him because they "(don't) want any drama (in) their neighborhood!! LOL!!! Wow!!."

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    Ha I saw this earlier. That was having a big mouth does.
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    I didn't realize that T.O. wrecked neighborhoods with his on field drama issues...what a bunch of idiots.
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    It's the media frenzy that follows him Sweets.
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    they don't want sit ups in the drive way with hords of media
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    It would be awesome to have an nfl player live next to you good or bad. I doubt he would cause to much drama unless he runs outside and is like hey look at me. Michael Strahan had a summer home in my community and it dident attract any attention at all.
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    I was watching this drama unfold on twitter last night. The property owner is now backing off that statement, but prolly only because TO posted their address. Another resident of the same street offered to rent to TO on Twitter last night also. Every two bit hack real estate agent keeps sending links on there. It's said he's gone through 5 RE agents so far. They're trying to rip him off if you ask me. Buffalo has no celebs so people are lining up to take advantage. This one agent was offering TO a condo that had a master br that only had enough space for a king size and nothing else at $7k a month. That might be ok in Miami or Atlanta but it's highway robbery if Buffalo. TO was even asking Takeo Spikes for living advice. TO keeps saying that he'll live in hotel for the season if he can't find a place, but upscale hotels that can accommodate that kind of long term living arrangement are also in short supply in Buffalo. Word on the street is Derrick Dockery's pad is for sale and pretty nice.
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    lol TO posting addresses..bwahahahahahahahahahahha
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    Terrell Owens Is Having Trouble Finding a House in Buffalo -- NFL FanHouse

    Ha! T.O. ripping it up right now on the twitter: :bills:

    @kearycolbert they dn't hv anything else 2 talk about & i'm nt really givin any of em any interviews so this is as close as they cn get! LOL
    Twitter / Terrell Owens: @kearycolbert they dn't hv ...

    @tjgeary1 how bout they tried 2 change their tune & wants me 2 come take a look @ it now!!! they're embarrassed by the negative press!!
    Twitter / Terrell Owens: @tjgeary1 how bout they tr ...

    apparently sum1 needs 2 sit wozniak down & let him kno i signed a 1-yr deal & it doesn't makes sense 2 buy a house. damage control perhaps?
    Twitter / Terrell Owens: apparently sum1 needs 2 si ...

    I wanna find sumthin i'm comfortable with even if i hv 2 go thru 6 more real estate agents!! Jus admit u(wozniak) made those remarks!! LOL!!
    Twitter / Terrell Owens: I wanna find sumthin i'm c ...

    oh yeh!! Funny how i could hv looked @ the house 2day BUT yesterday whn we had an appt 2 look @ it, i COULDN'T!!! hmmmm!!!
    Twitter / Terrell Owens: oh yeh!! Funny how i could ...

    this is SO FUNNY!!! all the networks r so thirsty 4 sumthin 2 talk about it & i've interrupted their programs talkin about my househunting
    Twitter / Terrell Owens: this is SO FUNNY!!! all th ...
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    He's embarrassing them on Twitter...

    Isn't this the stuff the neighbors are worried about?
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    The neighborhoods talked about in his house hunting aren't exactly ethnically diverse. They're scared of a rich black man. The neighbors are a bunch of ignorant rich white crackers that are fearful of a 2Live Crew video breaking out in their precious neighborhood. But it isn't racism when you're rich and white, right?
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    I'm not saying that TO is (wide) right or wrong in this case, but it's hilarious to me that this is the typical GIF formula when it comes to backing Owens.

    Supporting him: Sweets, fans of his current team, and a couple of other scattered people.

    It's the same crap year after year. :icon_lol:
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    I see your point wide right.
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    If there was a thread about the house hunting exploits of Geoff Hangartner, the free agent center also signed by the Bills this offseason, I'd be all over that too.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fowd29dOyh0]YouTube - [HD] Seinfeld- Puddy Paints His Face for The Rangers-Devils Game[/ame]
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    Does anyone think that this has anything to do with the negative press received after Marshawn Lynch bought Jim Kelly's old house. I kind of do, but Lynch has weapons charges and hits people with his SUV...as much as I can't stand T.O. the only thing he is guilty of is having a big freaking mouth.
  18. wide right

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    It turned out to be a false rumor of Lynch buying Kelly's house.
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    Well of course you aren't saying, heaven forbid you take T.O. side in anything since he punked your precious QB, this isn't typical anything having to do with GIF, T.O. will always have his fans and his detractors period. I just think it's freaking stupid that people wouldn't rent to him because of his celebrity status with his on the field issues, dumbasses. Personally I would say bullcrap if they said they wouldn't rent to McNabb for a stupid reason, and I hate McNabb.
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    Why do you hate him he doesent really do anything bad to make someone hate him. Hate is a very strong word.