Terrell Owens Denied Rental Property Because Of His 'Drama'

Discussion in 'Buffalo Bills' started by Mike, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. CaptainStubing

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    um, i live in a quiet suburb with my wife and 4 kids and I wouldn't want a celebrity (especially an unbalanced one) on our street either. There are many reasons why homeowners want to keep things 'quiet' (kid's safety, lower traffic, lower visibility/lower crime, etc.) I can understand this completely.
  2. DaBearsrule4ever

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    T.O. may be a drama queen but atleast he's never been in trouble with the law.
  3. Inclulbus

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    this is ridiculous.
  4. MediaGuy

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    Put up with the drama and get every penny you can get while you can.
  5. DawkinsINT

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    What a crock of crap. I'm not taking anyone's side because I don't know their reasons for not renting to him. You're ignorant though if you think the reason has to be with his on field issues. Did you not notice how many vans, cameras, and reporters were constantly at his house in Philly? Most affluent neighborhoods don't want that. Privacy is important to many.
  6. TJ

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    Why do you hate Romo? He doesn't really do anything bad to make someone hate him. Hate is a very strong word :icon_rolleyes:

    PS: I hate McNabb too.
  7. ball in the baskett

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    Thats inside the division thats a given its nothing personal. If He left the division i wouldent hate him.
  8. Sweets

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    No Dawk, I can't say I've noticed how many vans, cameras and reporters are "constantly" at his home in Philly since I don't live near him or in his neighborhood like apparently you do, thanx for the personal update.

    Most of the "affluent" neighborhoods out here are gated so vans, cameras and reporters aren't allowed. Maybe the east coast should look into that.

    BITB, I don't "hate" McNabb, I honestly don't like him though, I say hate to piss off Philly fans.:applausec:
  9. ball in the baskett

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    Well thats understandable you dont have to like everyone.

    And the gated community makes sense thats probably why michael strahan picked my community to have a summer house. Its more like a ghetto version of a gated community though people here arent rich.
  10. DawkinsINT

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    I guess your memory sucks because you were in the threads about TO doing situps in his driveway and the press conference from there as well.

    Philly and Buffalo both have gated communities. TO is the one who perhaps should look into that.
  11. smeags

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    god i love watching the terrell suck asses defend him. especially the ones who cry over the media attention he gets considering that owens is the one that looks for the attention. :laughy32:

    btw sweets - some of the affluent neighborhoods here are gated, some arent. like dawk said, maybe he should look for one that's gated so there wouldn't be an issue with reporters.

    but of course that really doesnt matter because anyone with a clue knows this is simpliy racism. :pimp2:
  12. wide right

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    Again with the scorned lover routine. Funny how 49ers and Cowboys fans aren't nearly as vocal or even supportive of Eagles fans in their disdain of TO. In fact, Philly is the team that helped make Terrell Owens into T.O. the spectacle. Keep blindly supporting your fat underachieving coach and fat underachieving QB all the way to mediocrity. Everything was TO's fault, say it over and over and maybe it'll come true.
  13. smeags

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    yeah, the weak, factually inaccurate bullcrap repsonse i expected. along with smack talk about a head coach and QB in a discussion thread. good job there super mod, some of your better work.

    anywho - i do not recall many eagle fans saying what happened in philly was all owens' fault but you go ahead and say it anyway as again i love to see the owens apologists contradict their own points by blindly defending him as if he has done nothing to bring the media attention he gets upon himself. it's no different then the people who defended paris hilton against the negative media attention she got when she went to trial and jail.

    btw - cowboys fans dont say a whole lot on this because they are too busy trying to get their foot out of their mouths because they acted as if owens was a victim too.
  14. Sweets

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    I remember that thread Dawk, what you fail to see is that you made the comment that the media was "constantly" at his house in Philly, as far as I know it was a day or two hardly would constitute a constant but as I said in my previous post, I don't live in Philly so I wouldn't know how many days the cameras etc. were parked there.

    Maybe T.O. is looking into a gated community, I have no idea and unless you live there you don't either. I just think the guy was being a rod about the whole thing, especially since he has changed his tune.
  15. DawkinsINT

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    Yeah, you didn't know but you judged his reasoning as having to do with TO's on field antics. That's what I called out. I couldn't give less a crap about TO and his house hunting.
  16. Sweets

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    Of course I judged it as long as you've been here you know this to be true wtf, where is Dawkins and who the hell are YOU? Calling me out on judging people as if this is something new and I'm the only one doing it...You crack me up:lmao: thanx
  17. DawkinsINT

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    Of course I know it's what you do. Nobody else gets as riled up. That's why I pick on you. :icon_lol:
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    I basicly agree with you. If it would have any impact on me, I wouldn't like it too.
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    using twitter is gay
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