Texans’ Clowney has microfracture surgery, could miss beginning of next season

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    The rehabilitation period for Jadeveon Clowney’s microfracture surgery on his right knee could take at least nine months, which means his return for the start of the Texans’ 2015 season could be in jeopardy.

    Dr. Walter Lowe performed the surgery on Monday. A nine-month recovery process means he wouldn’t be available before Sept. 7 at the earliest.

    “It’s a pretty extensive rehab period,” general manager Rick Smith said. “We’re hoping to have him back for the start of the season.

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    No matter what anyone thinks of what he could do in the NFL, it really sucks for him that injury may not ever give him the chance.
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    Agreed. He may have never been anything in this league but 2 years of lost development is probably going to kill any chance he had of being great.
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    KiJanna II ?
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    K.J. at least touched the field for a little while...lol.
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    Not his rookie year. Went down in TC
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    He came back to play 6-7-8 years (not well.) Some are saying that Clowney may be done for good?