Texans Trying Hard To Deal No. 1 Pick In Draft

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    Word from the NFL meetings is the Texans are trying hard to deal the first pick in the draft. They want to move down and acquire extra selections. Sources say they might have a trade partner in the Bills, who appear interested in moving up. It is unclear who the Bills would want in a trade-up scenario. Some believe they would move up for a quarterback. They also could make good use of an offensive tackle such as Greg Robinson. And it would be something to see them pair Mario Williams with either Jadeveon Clowney or Khalil Mack.

    Source: Bleacher Report
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    The Bills would be nuts to move up for a QB!
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    Move down, aquire another pick. Can still find a starting QB and address another issue on the roster
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    Anyone would be nuts to take a QB in the first 5 picks IMO.
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