The 2022 Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by TJ, Mar 4, 2022.

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    If the NFL wants the public to trust their league so much that they choose to gamble their hard earned money on their games, they need said public to trust the league. 100%. No ifs, buts or whats.

    I'm a gambler. I just became one very recently when I learned that I can bet 20 pesos (one dollar) on every game I want and not hundreds or thousands, like I believed my whole life (for some reason I always thought it...that it was a rich guys club). Also, gambling was illegal for years in my country, only a few years ago we started getting bombarded with gambling ads first on soccer games and now in every sport.

    If I had a reason...whatever it is, wherever it comes from, to believe that the NFL is not being honest and their games are fixed, I'd stop gambling on them (once again, the main reason I don't gamble in mexican soccer games...I don't trust that league).

    I don't care if the player in question is injured and not playing, and even 2000 miles away from the team. He still has inside knowledge. It's like Wall Street... inside trading is a good analogy.

    Now HOWEVER (just to not say "but") I agree in the part of the NFL being all over the place with their penalties. One year suspension wouldn't be so bad if there were no chatter about the how Browns QB might not even get a suspension. You mentioned the Ray Rice case, and there are several others like that (I never got over the Ezekiel Elliott suspension even after the girl admitted she made the whole thing up, killing our playoff run). The NFL basically says that gambling is worse than domestic violence, or using PEDs and I see why it doesn't fly for a lot of people. I'm not so sure about that. Then again, of course the NFL cares more about money than about integrity, why wouldn't they? Just don't be a hypocrite about it.

    So yes, I agree, gambling players should be punished...but also those punishments need to be more consistent.
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    The Browns just signed Denzel Ward to an extension. 5 years, 100 million, 72 million guaranteed.

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    Brilliantly said, Teej.

    Do me the favor of cutting and pasting that comment onto my site the next time you're bored. It should attract some healthy convo.

    And as to the Browns salary cap, their QB of the future won't count against it next year so they can afford to dole out a little more coin on players.

    The question remains, where does Baker go?
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    I don't care. I'm starting my own "THE SALARY CAP IS FAKE" cult. Just like the flat earth society, but more sane and less dumb.

    Open your eyes, people!!
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    Let me know when you get t-shirts made.

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    I will. First one out of the printer will be mailed to Stephen Jones. The second one to the Rams GM. It will be a good combo with his "F them picks" shirt.
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    Be careful tho, dude. You don't want to be snuffed out by the league.

    They'll be talkin' about you like Kaepernick.
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    The Eagles have signed James Bradberry to a one year deal for $10M. I love this signing. They really didn't have a CB2, and while Bradberry had a down year last year, he's still an upgrade. If he can get back to his usual form to go along with Slay on the other side....niiiice! I've ripped Howie Roseman in the past but he's had a hell of an offseason and draft.