The 2022 World Cup Thread

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    Here we are once again, my favorite sports tournament in the whole world ever begins. Well, it's actually 8 months away...but the groups draw was today and it was as interesting as always:

    Mexico drew Argentina (our boogey-man), Poland and Saudi Arabia. I think we can advance as always but then France will knock us out in the second round.

    The US play England again, alongside Iran and the winner of the European playoff (I think it will be Wales). I also think you can advance alongside England and then get a favorable draw with the winner of Group A who will probably be the Netherlands.

    I'm ready to gamble all my christmas bonus away. Can't wait XD

    For my money, the final will be England vs. France and France will be crown champions again.
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    It's a great sport, but World Cup is really the only time I watch. Go USA!!