The agony of the winning wager never placed

Discussion in 'Boxing/MMA Talk' started by SportsChump, Nov 16, 2015.

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    Yes, this was one I regret also.

    While I was impressed with the ease Rousey displayed in her victories, it was also obvious of her major weakness of just wading in & smothering her opponents. She was primed for an ass whippin' & got it. I was considering a sizable bet but the Missus leaned back hard on the risk so..... *sigh*

    I liken it to back when Roberto Duran was fighting Ray Leonard. Huge Duran fan & always disliked Leonard but realized that the size difference, 7" reach advantage along with Leonard's speed/footwork meant a sure loss. I was ecstatic when Duran won but was stunned that Leonard's ego walked him right into the loss.

    I knew in a rematch things would go as they originally should & alas..No Mas. Now it was Duran's turn for his ego to make the mistake. Should have taken the 1st win & not challenged the Boxing Gods.

    A Holm/Rousey rematch will go the same way. I don't see Rousey being able to deal with the size difference no matter what she does. Big problem is those 1st fight odds were a one shot deal.

    Holms looked solid in her boxing skills & with her size advantage while sticking & moving side to side made me think easy money. I just wish the Missus would have listened...
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    Tough to make big money like that on single events but the keen eye, and full ball sack, usually catches the worm on these kinds of wagers.