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    Buffalo 9, Miami 7: This game, believe it or not, has been loaded with offensive moves. Unfortunately, their red zone plays stink, and that's why it's only 9-7

    Baltimore 19, Oakland 0: Bad enough you've got Al Davis. Now you've also got a big hole to come back from, and not that black one in the stands. Russell got safetied, intercepted, and just can't find the right plays today.

    Dallas 10, Tampa Bay 6: This game was dominated by Tampa Bay in the first quarter. No real huge plays, just consistently moving down the field. Dallas came back in the 2nd quarter. Good gamplay by the Buccs, but Dallas is just a bit too strong today.

    Detroit 10, Washington 6: No, that isn't a typo. Detroit is winning an NFL regular-season football game after two quarters of play. Washington has some big plays, but have only gotten field goals, something Detroit usually does.

    New England 13, St. Louis 10: Donnie Avery is becoming the bright spot in the Rams offensive scheme this year, already accounting for 119 yards and a touchdown today. A pretty even game that looks to go down to the wire so far.

    Arizona 10, Carolina 3: For once in I don't know how long, the Cardinals are poised to win their divison. This game has been very one-sided so far, and has that look of just getting worse.
    Kansas City 14, New York 14: Brett Fart has thrown 2 INT's, but the defense is doing its damnedest to keep the Chiefs in check today.

    Philly 10, Atlanta 7: In a battle of inconsistent QB's, the running game of Michael Turner and the Falcons has been halted so far, only picking up 40 yards on the ground today. If the Philly defense continues to step up, expect an Eagle victory in this one.

    New Orleans 23, San Diego 17: There's a saying in the NFL that if you miss an extra point attempt, it'll come back and bite you in the butt later. For a while there, it looked like San Diego had been left in the dust. 5 minutes later, they close to within 6 by some great runs by LT.
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    Nice updates brakos!

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    very good summary of the raiders game