The end of an era in a major way

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    Well, it was fun while it lasted.

    Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have been among the most dominant athletes we’ve ever seen.


    From 2004-2008, Roger Federer was the best tennis player in the world. He held his sport’s number one ranking for a record 237 weeks. During that stretch, nobody threatened to knock him off that perch. He owns 17 grand slam titles, more than anyone else to ever play the game. Over that four year span, Federer won 11 of those 17 majors. In a word, he was dominant.

    Tiger Woods’ dominance was equally as impressive. The man once unanimously considered the world’s greatest golfer took the PGA Tour by storm in 1997. Years before hitting the front pages for reasons he shouldn’t have, Tiger Woods owned golf. Tiger was so dominant that he currently sucks and is still the talk of golf. He’s has 14 major titles which include four straight when he corralled the Tiger Slam in 2000-1.

    Were it not for Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson might have owned the golfing landscape. Mickelson’s five major championships may pale in comparison to his rival but that still puts him in rather elite company. Only twelve other men in the history of the game have won more.

    That being said these three guys are getting a little long in the tooth in sports that don’t allow their athletes to age gracefully.

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    I think we've already accepted the fact that Roger and Phil just aren't what they used to be. In regards to Eldrick, people are just plain delusional...and I mean that in many ways. TW is breaking down physically in front of our eyes which is consistent with the majority of roid users. His groupies take hero worship and denial to a whole new level.
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    Tiger walked off the course at the Bridgestone tournament yesterday cause he tweaked his back hitting a shot with a bad lie. His career is over. He'll never win another major let alone the 5 more he needs to pass Nicklaus. Mickelson has been the streakiest golfer on the tour since he joined. He is either on fire or barely making cuts. There never seems to be a medium setting for him. Somebody like Luke Donald is a grinder, Mickelson ain't.
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    I'm interested in seeing how Phil does this weekend.
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    Truer words were never said. The potential for another Palmer/Nicklaus was always there with TW and Mickelson. The only reason it never came to a sustainable fruition was that muscle between Phil's ears.

    Like @SportsChump said, it was fun while it lasted. In the twilight of their careers the most we can hope for is one of those two (and Federer) to catch lightning in a bottle much like Nicklaus did at Augusta in '86. Almost had it with Federer at Wimbledon this year, but father time always dictates outcomes. I too will be watching with anticipation at the PGA for Mickelson to turn back the hands on the clock.
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