The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Week 3

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    Week 3... and still we aren't sure who is actually good. Though there is no doubt about some of the just awful teams this year. Another wee and we will do our first 'They are who we thought they were" segment of the 2015 season. Injuries make fantasy owners line up at the suicide booth this week, I get to say i told you so a few times and what do you know... The Bears can be worse without Cutler. Since we don't do the Monday game we will pick it from now on, this week we will take Green Bay -6.5.

    Before we begin the GBU would like to take a moment and send a Rest In Peace out to Yogi Berra. He was n 18-time All-Star and 10-time World Series champion and a 3 time American League MVP as a player and as great as that is he was an even better person. His witty remarks known as Yogi-isms made you think and laugh all at the same time. Even though his career was over before i was born (1975) I still knew about him as if he played in the my youth, and so do most sport fans from any generation. He will be eternally known as a great player and a great man and too many a good friend. God's speed #8!! To honor Yogi let's do a these four things are true in Yogi-sims style...

    - "You can observe a lot by watching." Just check out the Bears

    - "90 percent of life is half mental." I think Bellicheat says this too...

    - "It's déjà vu all over again" The G-men start 0-2 then play the Redskins...

    - "It ain't over till it's over." The Titans and Cowboys feel this one...

    Let's get to the meat shall we?!?!!!

    The Good

    - The New York Football Giants

    Well would you look at that... Eli and the Hang-dogs got a win. Granted the Skins gave it to them, but hey... A win is a win right? Forget about it...

    - Cincinnati Bengals

    The Bungles want to come out but Andy Dalton and AJ Green won't let them just yet. It helps that The Ravens only have Steve Smith Sr to worry about on offense, but again... a win is a win. March on to the one and done that all but inevitable!!

    - Carolina Panthers

    Trust me, this is a bad team but at 3-0 even I can't put the in the bad again. A soft schedule might lead to what looks like a successful year. Ah River Boat Ron... just sailing along... Still... a win is a win.

    - Oakland Raiders

    2-1. That is a winning record.
    2-1. That is 1 game over .500.
    2-1. Two wins... on loss.

    I think the end of times might be here... The Oakland Raiders have a winning record. Just win baby indeed. It is sad that 2-1 is a point to celebrate, but hey... small victories for the special needs section. Golf Clap... Shout out to Charles Woodson though.... that old dude is still a monster.

    - Atlanta Falcons

    Whistle while you work over teams and stay cool Matty Ice is doing just that. Julio Jones is making a case for #1 wide out in the NFL this year and that defense isn't looking too bad either. Sometimes just a change of voice is what you need. Cue the Ditry Bird and someone find Jamal Anderson... if he is not in jail that is.

    - Houston Texans

    Yea... look at that a win!! Did JJ Watt play qb or something? Seriously I didn't see the game... hold on...

    Oh my bad... you played Tampa Bay. Yea they aren't good. Didn't Winston say he was looking forward to playing against JJ? How'd that go anyways? More to come on this game. For now, a win is a win.

    - Minnesota Vikings

    In a haiku!!!

    Ran the ball today
    Go Adrian Peterson
    Now you have a Win.

    Woo sa!!!!

    - New England Patriots

    Yup.. another win. Keep 'em coming. Bellcheat and Brady are on a mission. There are 5 months to the super bowl. They have a full tank of gas, a half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and they are wearing sunglasses... Hit it!

    - Philadelphia Eagles

    An open letter from Rex Ryan to Chip Kelly:

    "Hey bro, thx for showing us all that the Jets aren't that good without me. I mean knew it and you knew it but we needed to show Woody the truth. If you could please keep those signals and schemes to yourself I sent over that would be great. Maybe we can get together and go to Pat's one of these days. Nice win!!!

    P.S. Got an pics of your wife's feet?"

    Yea... ummm... ok... NEXT!!!

    - Indianapolis Colts

    Struggling to beat a team the Cleveland beat the brakes off of does not mean you are better than your record, but it does get you out of the oh-fer. The good it is for now... a win is a win.

    - Arizona Cardinals

    Yup... the 9ers do indeed stink out loud, but this team is for real. A rare CJ2k sighting this week and even more Carson Palmer to Larry Fitzgerald goodness is just one more step on a road that Bruce Arians has been on since leaving the Black and Gold. He will prove he is capable, and there will be blood. I think I hear Bruce saying his bed time prayers...

    Lo, There do I see my Father, and
    Lo, there do I see my Mother, and
    Lo, There do I see my Brothers and my Sisters and
    Lo, There do I see my people back to the beginning, and
    Lo they do call to me, and
    bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla,
    Where the brave will live forever.

    - Buffalo Bills

    Yup... let them play anyone but the Pats and this is what you will get I think. That defense is madness and Tyrod can do just enough not to lose. When they play some real teams we will move them around but for now... it's the good because... well you get it by now right?

    - Seattle Seahawks

    Playing the Bears is a great cure for the losing blues isn't it?!?!? Maybe they turned the corner. maybe not... but tick one in the win column!

    - Denver Broncos Defense

    Yup I said Defense. Cuz Peyton Manning is leading the 32nd ranked offense. But hey... A WIN IS A WIN!!!

    Now for a musical interlude:


    Now back to our regularly schedule program...

    The Bad

    - New Orleans

    No Drew Brees and you had a chance, so this week the Bad... the Ugly is on the way though. I can smell it in the air...

    - Cleveland Browns

    I know they wanted Maziel but I am not sure the game would have been as close with Johnny in there. Hey, you still had a chance in the end until future HoF'er Chucky Woodson decided he had enough of that. For the Browns this is just about like a win though... but it's not.

    - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Ask and ye shall receive Senior Winston. Still not a good team, 5 wins is where I am at and I stand fast. Lovie looks tired though.

    - New York Jets

    I told you you weren't that good. Now hush... all of you. Fireman Ed and the whole mess of you guys guys chanting playoffs and we want the Pats. Be careful what you wish for. NEXT!

    - Pittsburgh Steelers

    Nothing makes a mediocre defense looks good than playing a team with a sloppy offense... except playing against the 49ers. A win is a win indeed, but Ben getting Carson Palmer-ed is no bueno. Short week against a hungry Ravens team. Yea... I wonder if Mike Vick comes up with a hamstring injury...

    And now my friend and frenemies... It is time to put the gloves down (yea I have been nice to this point) and let the millionaires in the NFL know how I really feel. it is so bad that it can only be....

    The Ugly

    - Washington Redskins

    See? I told you so. Just trade RG III tot the Radiers already and get ready to draft a qb.

    - Baltimore Ravens

    When your entire offense is an overrated quarter back like Joe Flacco and a 93 year old Steve Smith, who balled out this week, if you are even in games you are lucky. Big Ben going down will help but there is a more likely chance you will still go to 0-4 Thursday. Ray Lewis is not amused.

    - Dallas Cowboys

    Oops... you ran in to a team with a real offense and a good QB. How'd that work out for ya? Weeden didn't do it... that so called 'good' defense did it. I say good... lose em all!!! I love it when Dallas sucks. It makes the world seem right.

    - San Diego Super Chargers

    You guys know they had a running back named Adrian Peterson right? I mean the fact that that nut job Rivers played like Ryan Leaf or something but still. Can you not wear the Powder Blues on the road? Something else you guys, whatever it is you have been doing since you fired Marty is not working.

    - Jacksonville Jaguars

    Yea... that was the Patriots. They're good... you are not.

    - St. Louis Rams

    All that for Todd Gurly... yea... don't let it cost you your job Jeff.

    - Tennessee Titans


    - Miami Dolphins

    Umm... what is the deal down there in south beach? I hear one of your star DB's wife even got arrested before the game. Dan Marino ain't coming through that door people. Someone needs to... but he isn't.

    - Chicago Bears

    A shut out. Zero. Nil. Zilch. In German the Seahawks said "Nine!!" Yes I still think they did better than they would have with Cutlulz in there. The race to the number one draft pick is on!!!!

    I saw a great quote from a Facebook fan today:

    "Wakedrick Alexander


    .....with a new Bears team!"

    - Detroit Lions

    Yea... Lions and Bear both suck. The universe is correcting itself from Oakland having a winning record. The game was there to be taken, I guess it was just out of reach.

    That is all we have for this week people, tune next week when we will here Gary Kubiak say "Why do I hear music in my Headset?!?!"

    Remember that this is only my opinion and that and $60 will get you a used in mint condition Boss Super Chorus Pedal.

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