The "I Just Watched This Movie" Thread.

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by DawkinsINT, Jul 22, 2007.

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    Puddle Cruiser is my favorite by FAR
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    Another good one is "Stoked: The Rise and fall of Gator". About Gator (Mark Rogowski), a cat who was on Hawk and Hosoi's level in the early-mid 80's if you don't recall. He was one of the biggest skaters in the world at that time, maybe even THE biggest for a while when he was on Vision. Anyways, he found religion and killed a chick in some sort of misdirected fit of religious guilt. Sort of. Anyways, it's a very good doc, worth watching whether or not you skated back then. I remember Gator as a young skater and wondering what REALLY happened with him killing that girl..20 years later now I know.

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    Yeah, you're not the first person I've heard that from. To each their own I suppose, or more than likely I just don't "get" it. Too much wannabe Kevin Smith-esque long dialogue sections with minimal payoffs...basically IMO the acting isn't good enough for such long boring stretches without laughs and the laughs aren't funny enough to offset the bad acting and writing. It does have it's moments but overall I didn't like it.
  3. Omen

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    Just watched Flashbacks of a Fool and i was suprised and i liked very much
  4. 1usctrojan

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    Finally watched "Gran Torino", what a great and powerful story, and beautifully acted...redemption with the ultimate price.

    You're the man Clint.
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    I thought Gran Torino was crap in a hand basket. Nothing great about the story and the acting was bad.
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    I'm trying to watch Year One, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to finish.
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    Strictly by your response, it is evident that the movie was not made, nor intended, to reach individuals who have no interest in a movie centered on a character study of a man who could not come to terms with his actions during a time of war.

    Every relationship in the man's life was influenced by those actions, every character in the movie was relevent to the story, each an integral part of the final scene of redemption and how the Eastwood character found peace by his sacrifice.

    If you have not watched "Band of Brothers" or "The Pacific", I would suggest you do not, because, in it's own way, this story could be added to those as a lesson in the sacrifies young men made for their country....and the lingering effects that stay with them their entire lives, and how they deal with it.
  8. Omen

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    i like both GT and BOB but really do not see the similarities in them except for the military service.
  9. hermhater

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    I made it all the way through Year One.

    I wish I hadn't.
  10. 1usctrojan

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    Band of Brothers was much more than simply a movie about "military service"....personal accounts of individual young men in "Easy Company" and their experiences. There was one moment where Major Richard Winters comes upon a young German soldier, their eyes meet and the Major pauses for one second when he realizes the German soldier is just a kid...then he kills him. A recounting of true experiences and how soldiers do things they must do to survive, then regret the rest of their lives. Some make it, some break down.

    In the movie Gran Torino, the main character was a man who was unable to forget what he had to do during the war, he killed a young man, the enemy, and shot him in the affected his entire life. The only way he could cope with that act was by dehumanizing the enemy....till he was forced to interact with the Laotian family next door....and found them basically good and decent people.

    BoB, The Pacific, and you can add movies like Shindler's List, Saving Private Ryan and even Gran Torino as this multi-layered series of stories of war and it's effect on the lives of the young men who fought in WWII, Korea and Viet Nam, and how it affected their lives up to their old age.
  11. Omen

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    i agree with what your saying............but i dont think all soldiers ( who have fought in wars) are like that............
  12. 1usctrojan

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    Sweetheart, no where did I say all soldiers are like that...but one must recognize that some of these young man come back deeply affected by war, depending on their experiences.

    History was my minor, and WWII of special interest and research for me, while dates and factual narratives are important in the study of this subject, so are the first hand personal experiences by these men. USC houses the recorded testaments of Holocaust survivors which Steven Spielberg founded (he is on the Board of Directors at USC), and throughout the survivors testimonies, they state that young soldiers broke down and cried like babies at what they found in the camps.

    My own father never wanted to discuss the war, and I recall asking him if he ever killed anyone, he stated that he had not. Dad was part of the liberating forces, and walked into a labor camp in Germany...what he saw was so horrifying and appalling, he never forgot it. It wasn't till after he died that the men in our family told the women of his experiences, he wanted to protect us from those details.
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    ha ha...Omen got called Sweetheart.
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    i'am honored yo....i'd e worried if it was you doing it .............sorry to have misread your statment or alluding that all soldiers are/were like that.

    i watched London the other day pretty cool movie about a dude(Chris Evens) remembering times with a girlfriend he is trying to get back before she leaves town. Most of the movies he is restroom of some high class apartment......and many people come in to do coke with him and talk about his girlfriend whose name is London (Jessica Beil)
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    Half way through Shutter Island.

    This is a weird one.
  16. Omen

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    i wanna see that one
  17. hermhater

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    I had to take a break but I'm watching it again.

    About a half hour left, it's starting to make some kind of sense.
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    I watched "Julie & Julia" the other day.

    It was a very good movie. Amy Adams and Maryl Streep did great in it.
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    I've got that movie saved for a rainy day...
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    I fell asleep about half an hour into that one, but Meryl Streep was annoying as crap.