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    Well, we our first game went better thatn expected all around. here's my breakdown.


    QB: Jackson did a decent job of managing the game. Had a few nice throws and couple good runs. The one interception was a deflection that could have been caught. Jackson did just enough to keep people from jumping on him, but overall he got the job done. Came out a litte more agressive throwing the ball in the second half. Overall grade: C

    RB: Taylor went down early and AP took over fulltime and blew the doors off the dome in his first game. 163 total yards + a TD. Peterson has devistating speed, when he hit his burst everyone else seems like they are standing still. Add to that that he's powerful (Always falls forward and is always churning with his legs) and he's the complete package. Grade: A

    WR: Didn't get a lot of passes thrown their way but Rice looked really good and Williamson didn't drop a pbutt. WRs as a whole didn't drop many passes. Grade: C+

    O-Line: Ryan Cook ,who was very suspect during the preseason being beat regularlly in preseason games, looked good and dominated. The Vikings actually ran the ball to Cook's side more than the side with Hutchinson and McKinney. The line as a whole dominated the Atlanta front four. Grade:B+


    D-Line: Absolutely murdered the Atlanta O-Line. Robison (Rookie) beat both tackles at will and ended up with 2 sacks. K. Williams was domniant in the middle and intercepted a pass, which he returned for a TD. Edwards looked good recording a sack. In total the Vikings sacked harrington 6 times. Enough said. Grade: A+

    LBs: Greenway fianlly got his first regular season game after missing his entire rookie season after knee surgery. He recorded 10 tackles including a bone jarring hit on Dunn but did get burnt in coverage a couple times. E.J Henderson had 8 tackles and 2 sacks and all over the field making plays: can you say pro-bowl? Leber was solid as ussual. Grade: B

    Secondary: Winfield was gifted an interception but did make the most of it returning it for a TD. On the radio this morning Winfield said "It was over when we went up 10-0, their WRs can't beat us." Coverage was very good, harrington couldn't find an open reciever resulting in a couple of coverage sacks. They all so came up and supported the run degense well. Grade: B

    Overall Grade: B (Would have liked to see more out of the Offense)

    Game Balls: E.J. Henderson,Adrian Peterson, Brian Robison and an honorable mention for the fans at the game, they forced 3 TOs, 3 false starts and generally made sure the Lions couldn't hear a damn thing.
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    Missed the game cos i was away, but i've got it taped - i'll add game notes to my blog and to here :)