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Discussion in 'Carolina Panthers' started by PantherGF, Sep 10, 2007.

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    I figured since no one else was going to make one why not me lol. Anyways discuss anything Panthers related in this thread
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    I'm watching ESPN2, and when Mike & Mike broke down thr Panthers Rams game, I could have sworn I saw the Florida Panthers (NHL) logo
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    10-second internet pourn and lime kool-aid don't mix. :icon_cheesygrin:

    Back to my point, Carr-olina is doing pretty good from the bits I saw, and they have a chance to beat us next week.

    Matchups between Steve Smith and Dunta Robinson will be exciting to watch.

    I have to stay optimistic and say Houston 20, Carolina 17.

    Go back to your rambling.
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    I think we could open up the year 4 - 0 if they play like they did against the Rams last Sunday for the next 3 games minus the fumbles because the Texans from the game against the Chiefs will be a good game but after that we play two Division teams Tampa & Atlanta who both did not look very well in there openers then we play the Saints which will be a really good game I think. If we play consistent this year I could see us winning our division and winning 10 or 11 games maybe
  5. the texans game is going to be tough, the mario williams - wharton (or is it gross?) matchup will be key. if jake can get any kind of protection and if foster and dwill can continue their good starts i dont think there'll be a problem.
  6. here are my positives and negatives from the houston game:


    • Jake had another solid game getting another 3 TDs. the INT was more to do with smith than him as well.
    • Smith, however, was yet again fantastic. he is the leader of this offence, shown by his incredible 3rd TD where he broke about 6 tackles.
    • Travelle Wharton generally kept Mario quiet all game
    • Ryan Kalil was abused all game by Okoye and im very much looking forward to Bridges coming back into the lineup.
    • The fact that the defence generally lacks passion and drive. i have been a supporter of turgo but my patience is starting to wear thin and it might be time to think about replacing him or maybe even Fox. someone from the Ravens or Patriots coaching tree would be nice.
    • What has happened to our D line? Supposedly one of the best in the league and it can't get any pressure all game against a middle of the road oline! peppers needs to learn how to deal with the holds because he gets them every play and the officials aren't going to call them, if he doesn't he's not going to be very productive.
    • Even with Morgan back we are still not covering the TEs well at all. Owen Daniels dominated us for the whole game and it was embaressing, what are we going to be like when we come up against the likes of Crumpler, Dallas Clark and Witten?
    • Don't get me started on ST play
    • Jason Baker didn't have his greatest game :icon_sad:
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    I have to agree with all that except if we have a bad season and fire Fox why not go after a close to home coach that has a ring? Like say Bill Cowher great defensive mind set with this guy and usually brings in a offense that can run good. Steelers usually set there coaching position with whoever they hire and I don't see him going back there. So seeing that he has had time to recoup and this would be a great opportunity for him if it opens up, close to home and a decent team already there I couldn't see why he wouldn't come back and coach us. I still like Fox though but we just need some consistency!
  8. i don't think i would like cowher tbh. sure he is a great motivator but i would rather have a guy like rex ryan, the kind of guy who has big expectations but has a strong, attacking defensive philosophy as well. ron rivera and singletary would also be good choices. i am really worried about our lack of passion and these guys (cowher included) will bring drive and emotion to our defence not seen since the 2003 season.

    i hope we can rebound on sunday but it's a game we should win so we'll probably lose...
  9. well a win's a win i guess but our defence's performance is worrying me a lot. against one of the worst offences in the NFL we got no pressure and let a journeyman have a career day, i mean wtf. turgo needs to blitz more, who cares if we give up the odd big play as far as i'm concerned it is far worse and demoralising to let a pathetic offence dominate you all game. where on earth is peppers this season? he was one on one all game and he got nothing. we need someone to be a leader for this defence, peppers, jenkins, morgan, harris, anyone, i dont care.

    however one of the bright spots on this D is gamble, he has been playing pretty much perfect so far and looks like he is concentrating more and not relying on his athleticism as much. lucas on the other hand has not looked good, he just looks low on confidence and it maybe time to promote gamble to the #1 spot.

    our offence is gradually getting better and i really hope jake isn't out for awhile because he's on track to a probowl year. foster has looked very good as well and i believe our record when he gets 15 or more carries is something like 21-2.

    someone rip off peppers' C and sew it on jenkins jersey
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    Jakes Day to Day and is not even ruled out for the Tampa game Sunday which if we win could give us the top spot in the South but he strained his elbow which really doesn't matter alot Jakes playing great but is injury prone and is the big reason we went out and got Carr a good back up to Jake in case something like this happened so we are fine in QB position no matter if Jake starts Sunday or Carr.

    I do agree with you about of defense they don't look nothing like they have in the past I did expect our Secondary to be weak it has been our weakness the last few years but the line Peppers and everyone is shocking me by the way there playing right now.

    Another thing to point out is the Titans beat the Saints tonight and sent the Saints to 0 - 3 meaning the only real threat in the South right now is Tampa who is tied in first with us and with the Saints losing Deuce to a torn ACL for the season more the likley and having a line who has had trouble blocking for Brees we stand a good chance if we can handle Tampa to win the Division this year
  11. right now, the way the defence is playing, tampa is going to give us some serious problems. i hope our D can rebound and show some passion, especially peppers.
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    After today our season may be looking very bad coming up on games with the Colts & Arizona it gets any worse the paper bags may be coming out
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    David Carr looked horrible today....and to think some people were hoping he'd play soon. :icon_eek:
  14. that pretty much sums it up
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    Damn, what the hell happened to the Panthers?
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    So is David as bad as everyone in Houston thought he was?
  17. poor coaching, motivation, playcalling and crapty play at QB
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    19 for 41
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    i thought the texans traded david carr.........looks like the same cat mouth QB wearing #er 8 to me:blow**b:......the Texans suck dude not just the team the whole damn organization......
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    Hopefully we can pull it together but if we get a repeat performance from Carr like last week then I highly doubt we win games because are passing game is usually our strong point last week there was no passing game also if the defense could step it up a notch that would be nice as i put in the sarcasm anyways we will see in coming weeks cause it looks like jake may be out longer then we thought so everything relies on Carr's arm now