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Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by afjay, Aug 27, 2007.

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    a typical person? im sorry your mothball brain can't grasp a quick release, an audible to a hot route, or any other form of recognizing a defense is stacking the freaking line against you......thats the QB's responsibility...but apparently 50 million doesn't buy you an intelligent qb, it buys you an overpaid piece of trash who can't throw a pass over 5-10 yards without completely air mailing it or shorthopping it, and who is apparently blind to blitz 0-line can only block as many people as their are on the line, the qb needs to bring in max protection or release the ball quicker if he sees more rushers than he has blockers..thats his freaking job back there..he controls the freaking offense on the field....he's had some wide open receivers, he just doesn't go through his progressions fast enough, his release is slow, the NFL is far too quick a game for him to adjust too...

    the O-line you saw sunday was not the o-line of the first 2 weeks, but the last few weeks its been a recognition by opposing defensive coordinators that Smith has no freaking clue whats going on, so don't even try to pull that bullcrap...Altho I called out the O-line as well for their efforts on Sunday (specifically Smiley, and even Allen), so why don't you take the time to read instead of taking one thing i've said and running with it? I blame Hostler just as much as Smith...his play calling does nothing to stop defenses from putting 8 in the box everytime..

    Smith is the main reason we won the first 2 games? LMMFAO...Im pretty freaking sure that was our defense and a gift from Dante Hall that won us those first 2 games...Alex Smith and his monstrous 126 yard, no td performances were anything but the reason we won...
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    ....So you resort to name calling when someone disagrees with you. Real mature when I am stating why it is all not Smith's fault.

    Smith is a large reason we won those first 2 games. He lead us to the game winning drive against Arizona and would get more credit if that ball was held on to by Battle.
    Look at the OL from last year and the OL this year there is only one difference, which is Kwame. When he had protection last year, he was able to throw with good precision and accuracy. When we were behind by so many points cause of the awful defense minus a few games last year, Smith was relied on to bring the team back from 14+ point gaps.
    9 losses: 13 INT's
    7 wins: 3 INT's

    Half of his touchdowns were both split between the wins and losses. So he is consistent enough to lead us to victory. Sure he isn't going to put gaudy statistics, but he doesn't have to when Gore is running well and the team wins.
    He just needs more time to develop the scheme Hostler is implementing. It clearly is different from Norv's scheme, and it isn't working well with how we played last year.
    As evidenced by sack differentials in the games we lost compared to the wins.
    Sacks in losses: 24 of the 35 sacks were in losses.
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    Hey, Nice to see football fans arguing, but no personal attacks, please.
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    Smith is out for now. Im kinda curious on how well Dilfer will do this week with a whole week of being prepared to go and start. Who knows, the line might do better because he isnt that mobile and they can stay put and guard the defenders for him. I think its harder for the line to play for Alex because they have to move more due to his mobility. Hopefully they call plays where Dilfer just hangs in the pocket.
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    Nice attempt at being made the first move towards a personal attack..just because it wasn't as direct, doesn't make it any less of a personal attack...:icon_rolleyes:

    I also like how you completely ignore the job of an NFL qb and sidestep it all with last year statistics..did you ever think that it may be because his inability to read defenses on the field was masked by one of the best OC's to ever run an offense in the NFL?

    He had zero touchdowns in the first 2 games..and didn't get his first actual TD pass til garbage time in the 3rd game..your stats are basically saying, that they are paying 50 million for a QB who is just being asked to not throw an INT...thus putting all the burden on a RB who will have to run through 8 defenders in the box everytime and a last ranked defense from last year is asked to be better than the Bears D from a year ago.....That may work for you, but it doesn't work as a HIGHLY OVERPAID FRANCHISE QB...

    Gore hasn't even reached 100 yards rushing in a game this year..and he won't..until the niners show they can throw the ball over the top and stretch the field...That wasn't going to happen with Smith...

    Your stats are completely meaningless...Watch a game...statistics mean crap if they aren't put into their proper perspective...Look at the GB game last year...the Packers knew all they had to do was stack the box, and Smith would have to beat chance for us to win that game...Other teams have taken notice that Smith is worthless when they put 8 in the box....and there is no way for Gore to beat them unless Smith could prove otherwise...of course we're going to trail in those games if we can't generate a balanced offensive attack..this is the NFL, its easy for defenses to stop something when they know its coming...

    Hostler has no freaking scheme...He can't even diversify his run calls...its inside tackle everytime..and when a toss finally works, the next call is right back inside...Gore is being abused/overused..and he's already a fragile back who until last year, had 3 consecutive years of surgery...

    :whatever: Do us a favor and clean out your vag somewhere aren't a mod anymore douche...go play in the kiddie threads over in the AFC forum.....
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    Looks like we won't be losing Smith for the rest of the season, he's expected to get back after Week 6's bye week. God knows how good he'll be when he gets back..:doh:

    In the meantime, we got Trent starting, is anyone really all that confident he'll do much better than how Smith did? I'm not convinced he'll do much better at all, he looked like crap during preseason and in the Seattle game so I've heard. He's immobile as hell too, if the line doesn't give him much time, he's bound to mess up and get the crap knocked out of him.
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    Im not convinced any qb on our roster could win a playoff game or lead us to the playoffs...Far as im concerned, we need to cut our losses with Smith and try to get someone else in....

    Also...Hostler has to go...there is no way he is an NFL caliber OC...those basic vanilla calls may work in college, but this is the NFL..pull your freaking head out and get creative...
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    Did Smith take his 50 million from your pocket or what? We all know rookie QBs are overpaid, no need to remind us his contract in all your posts.
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    hey all, I have been out for awhile... Just wanted to ask why does our offense SUCK so bad?
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    It's mostly the same vanilla plays we saw in training camp. Those plays are as soft as it gets so players have time to gel and get their timing down...they have never worked in regular season games and never will. Defenses laugh at those calls....its not even work for them....

    bottom line- if you force Alex Smith to win the game..... you've won it.
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    I think its pretty safe to say that Smith is gonna be considered a bust.
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    About damn time, I'll be able to watch the 9ers this Sunday. Living in VA, I usually don't see them much on TV. Now I can watch our line struggle and Dilfer get his butt kicked....or a well played game and a victory for the 49ers..:icon_cool:

    Hopefully it's the 2nd option.

    Man, I hope not but from how he's played so far this year and the previous 2 years, I'm worried you may be right. He's had a few good performances but most of them were nothing special, he can't throw the deep ball worth a crap, makes dumb decisions, and struggles often. Maybe he'll turn it around but that really seems unlikely. It'd be great if we could just have a QB who's known throughout the NFL as a "threat", a Quarterback who can make plays and win football games. We don't have a QB like that on the roster..
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    where do you live in VA bro? If you live in the DC area we should go hit a bar up and watch a Niners game this year. I live in Gaithersburg.
  14. afjay

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    I finally got my DirectTV so I'll be able to watch all the 49ers games. Not that I've missed any because my friend has DircetTV, but I'd rather watch them at home.
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    Awesome Jay.
  16. steadypimpin

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    I watch all the Niners games at my friends house. He has 3 tvs set up in his basement so we watch 3 games at a time. Its freaking great.
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    Dude, that is pretty cool. Sunday can't come soon enough though, at least college football is on, today.
  18. afjay

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    Same with my friend, but his GF just came back from the desert so he had to shut down the "sports bar" for a few weeks.
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    He's a lost little kid out there...after 2 years you'd expect him to be adjusting to the pace of the league, but he's looking more like he's regressed...
  20. Platoon 86

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    From whenever I've seen him on T.V., that always seemed obvious. I could tell from him just moving around that he seemed nervous and confused. He just seemed really unconfident out there.