The Snell Hook and the Cash Bash: How Sabermetrics ruined by World Series

Discussion in 'Baseball Talk' started by SportsChump, Oct 29, 2020.

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    You already know where this (bitter, cranky, what-in-the-world-was-he-thinking) post is going, i.e., the inexplicable, premature pulling of Blake Snell in Game Six of the 2020 World Series… so let’s get to it.

    This will be one of a thousand different articles that will prompt Rays fans to stew over Kevin Cash’s decision to yank his Cy Young Award winner with the season on the line but, to recap… deep breath… here’s how it all went down. Discuss amongst yourselves.

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    I always hate to be THAT guy, but I'm glad it happened that way.

    My dad is a huge baseball fan. I'm sure I've told that story before...but anyway, one of my favorite traditions of the year is watching the World Series with my old man, something I remember doing as far back as I can remember. A couple of years ago, dad said he was done with baseball. After more than 50 years watching at least one major league or mexican league game every other day, dad got tired of the "sabermetrics" and "analytics" movement. I think the moment he broke was when they pulled a pitcher who was throwing a perfect game after 5 or 6 innings. He couldn't believe it.

    "Baseball has lost its soul, son" I remember he told me.

    Now I don't watch the Series with my old man, because he honestly doesn't care anymore. After 50+ years!! Go figure...
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    Damn, Teej...

    Way to make a brother shed a tear.

    As much as I want to promote and cross-promote traffic with the Knuckleheads, I'd really like for you to cut and paste thoughtful comments like that on my site as well.

    I think you might also dig this post I put up with a close high school friend back in the day (2012).

    Might jar a nerve.

    As always, comments are welcome...
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    Haha!! You're right. I'll try to remember to reply in both places from now on...
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    I just can't help but wonder what the Rays roster will look like moving forward, how many of these guys they'll be able to keep, and what will come of Snell when his contract is up.

    He's locked in through 2023 when he'll make $16 mil but after that he's an unrestricted free agent.