The Ultimte Fighter 8 Thread(SPOILER)

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    Make it into the house

    Junnie Browning
    Dave Kaplan
    Phillipe Nover
    Brian McLaughlin


    Jose Aguilar
    Fernando Bernstein
    Joe Duarte
    Brandon Garner

    Next Week

    George Roop vs Roli Delgado
    Wesley Murch vs John Polakowski
    Ido Pariente vs Erain Escudero
    Charles Diaz vs Shane Nelson

    Light Heavyweight:

    Make it into te house

    Vinicius Magalhaes
    Antwain Britt
    Jules Bruchez
    Krzysztof Soszynski


    Ryan Jimmo
    Mike Stewart
    Jason Guida
    Eric Magee
    Lance Evans

    Next Week

    Shane Primm vs Sean O'Connell
    Eliot Marshall vs Karen Grigoryan
    TomLawlor vs Ryan Lopez
    Ryan Bader vs Kyle Kingsbury

    Junie Browning def. Jose Aguilar by TKO(Corner Stoppage) of Round 1
    Vinny Magalhes def. Lance Evans by TKO(injury) of Roud 1
    Weight def. Jason Guida by 2lbs
    Krzysztof Soszynski def. Mke Stewart by TKO of Round 1
    Dave Kaplan def. Fernando Bernstein by Submission(RNC) of Round 1
    Jules Bruchez def. Eric Magee by Submision(RNC) of Round 1
    Phillipe Nover def. Joe Duarte by Submission(RNC) of Round 2
    Antwain Britt def. Ryan Jimmo by Majority ecision
    Bria McLaughlin def. Brandon Garner by DQ(illegal Knee) o Round 2


    RYAN "The Hunter" LOPEZ (5-3) 12#

    KRZYSZTOF The Experiment SOSZYNSKI (15-8) 2#

    ELIOT "The Fire" MARSHALL (5-1) 5#

    RYAN Darth BADER (7-0) 1#

    SHANE "Primetime" PRIMM (1-0) 4#

    TOM "The Filthy Mauler" LAWLOR (4-1) 6#

    ANTWAIN The Juggernaut BRITT (4-1) 9#

    LANCE Grizz EVANS (3-2) 15#

    VINICIUS Pezao MAGALHAES (2-2) 3#

    Jules "CottonMouth from the South" Bruchez (3-2) 14#

    KAREN GRIGORYAN (5-0) 7#

    RYAN Big Deal JIMMO (6-1) 10#

    KYLE "Kingsbu" KINGSBURY (7-1) 8#

    JASON GUIDA (15-15) 11#

    ERIC MAGEE (3-1) 16#

    SEAN O'CONNELL (6-2) 13#


    EFRAIN ESCUDERO (10-0) 1#

    JOE The Hybrid Duarte (3-0) 3#

    ROLI "The Crazy Cuban" DELGADO (5-3-1) 14#


    CHARLES "taylor" DIAZ (3-0) 13#

    Junie ALLEN BROWNING (2-0) 4#

    JOSE "Chiva" AGUILAR (17-3) 12#

    BRANDON GARNER (4-1) 15#

    BRIAM MCLAUGHLIN (5-0) 10#

    DAVE KAPLAN (3-1) 8#

    WESLEY "The Immortal" MURCH (3-2) 9#

    JOHN POLAKOWSKI (2-1) 7#

    PHILLIPPE "Filipino Assassin" NOVER (5-0-1) 5#

    Sugar SHANE NELSON (9-3) 2#

    GEORGE ROOP (8-3) 11#

    IDO PARIENTE (13-4) 6#
  2. SuperBeast

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    Krzysztof Soszynsk and Phillipe Nover are my favorites to win. I'm hoping everything goes the way i see it going and Phillipe Nover fights Junnie Browning in the finals. Either of those two would be fine with me to continue into the UFC.
  3. Vyse314

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    i like junnie. so glad he beat that complete moron jose. anyone who ends every sentence with "dog" should be maimed
  4. Garnett

    Garnett Gritt Tuff

    Anyone who compares himself with Hitler should be. I was so glad to see him quit on his stool between rounds. I know he was only there to be on TV though with his post fight comments on still looking good etc. He had some skill but was a complete jerk about things.

    Junie Browning looks to be the real deal along with Nover. I am worried about 1 thing Junie said; "I heard there's free alcohol in the house ... that ain't good." I hope he keeps a semi-reasonable head on his shoulders while there. I think he's the guy Dana's been slobbering over.

    Clay Guida's brother has NONE of the heart Clay does. He knew he'd have to make weight and fight his way onto the show, he shows up 12 pounds over (looking semi outta shape) and can't cut the pounds safely enough. The medical staff not allowing him to continue in trying to cut esp after he was cramping up all over due to hydration issues was the right thing to do. Also a very good thing to show on TV so MMA critics can see the process and how regulated the sport is by the state athletic commissions.

    I'm really looking forward to next weeks show. Nog and Mir look like they'll be excellent coaches. Mir was really into every fight and he seems like a very good teacher.
  5. Walnuts

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    I wonder how many of those guys regret some of those tattoos?