Third Suspect In Killing Of Aaron Hernandez's Friend To Be Extradited

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    A man arrested in Florida agreed Friday to return to Massachusetts to face a charge in the murder case against former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.

    Ernest Wallace, 41, faces a charge of accessory after the fact in the slaying semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd. Wallace turned himself in at a Miramar police station last week.

    Prosecutors say Hernandez orchestrated Lloyd’s execution-style shooting near Hernandez’s North Attleborough home on June 17.

    Prosecutors say Wallace and another man, Carlos Ortiz, were in the car with Hernandez when the three men picked up Lloyd on June 17, drove him to an industrial park and shot him five times.

    Source: Associated Press
  2. Omen

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    Hernandez is gonna turn on everyone involved IMO

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  3. URL54MVP

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    Serial killers need friends too ya know.
  4. JEMicklos

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    Well no sh!t they are going to extradite him. Florida wants nothing to do with him. We are still dealing with the Zimmerman Trial

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    .... and Casey Anthony
  6. themush

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    TItle is a little hecked. "Friend"????
  7. ragman

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    I thought there were only two guys in the car with Hernandez and Lloyd. What did I miss?
  8. CaptainStubing

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    you didn't miss anything. 3 suspects: Hernandez, Ortiz, and now this guy.
  9. JEMicklos

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    The Casey Anthony Trial has been over for a while...

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    Her lawyers are still hard at work and she's still in the news
  11. JEMicklos

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    Dude, the Casey Anthony sh!t is over. She was found innocent. We all know she's guilty, but a couple of jackasses from my hometown f*cked up. Leave it alone

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    She's still fighting lawsuits against people who she dragged their names through the mud, so its not "over."