This is what it is like to be a Falcons fan.

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by happ, Oct 22, 2007.

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    The Falcons have managed to restore the popularity of the Sunday afternoon nap.

    It was real sad to hear about the One Man Wrecking Crew Jim Mitchells passing.

    Keith Brooking sure was a great player when he tackled Lewis Sanders to allow Reggie Bush to score.

    Way to go Warrick! That stupid spike of the ball that you dropped cost us 5 yards and forced a punt when we could have gone for on short yardage before the flag.

    I cannot wait to hear all the I told you sos about Byron`s bad ankles.

    Is it possible to draft a new front office? Management is to blame, not Coach Petrino.

    Man this Falcons team is really bad!

    There must be a clause in Norwoods contract that he can carry the ball no more than 6 times in a game. WISE UP PETRINO! Dunn is DUNN!

    The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. OK, Ill admit it, the Falcons have a problem. They STINK!

    Stay tuned. More sorry Falcons football to come starring Joey Harrington. Thats all folks!!!!

    Warrick is DONE!!!!!!!! Thank you for everything but PLEASE RETIRE!

    We would have won the game with Vick.

    Bye Falcons. I could take attending a losing teams games but the rap crap caused me to quit you. This customer was not satisfied.


    Our QB situation reminds me of the old saying: Two wrongs dont make a right.

    The Falcons dont need a different quarterback. They need a different head coach.

    Petrino says we can take more shots downfield. Byron better have one hell of an arm because by the time the receivers get downfield Leadfoot will be on his back!

    The traditional quarterback thing would be working fine if the traditional blocking scheme was.

    Look, the Falcons are not a competitive team in the NFL. Never have been and never will be! Good grief, can you not figure that out after nearly a half a century?

    If Tom Brady had been the quarterback Monday night the Falcons would still have lost. Stop blaming the quarterback. Get a team that can protect him. The O-Line stinks.

    The Falcons move to Leftwich is nothing more than a ploy to appease the fan base that are former Vick supporters. The problem is, Byron cannot run.

    They are about to be 1-6 without Michael Vick, and BORING, and PITIFUL LOOKING.

    If you dont like the Falcons, dont watch & dont go to the game! For those of us with the never dying faith, GO Falcons!

    From the looks of recent roster moves, it looks like McKay and Blank are still making on field decisions. The Falcons management are sloooooooow learners.

    Yes, we SEASON Ticket Buying WHITE PEOPLE are very happy that Vick is gone. Now we wont have the FBI attending our games. BTW-basketball season is starting-shouldnt some of you be moving over to Philips?

    A caveman knows better but Mike Vick doesnt.

    As a season ticket holder, Can I file a case against the Falcons for putting me through mental anguish week after week?
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    Atleast the Falcons are not winless like the Dolphins and Rams.

  3. That means they could lose Brian Brohm.
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    happ PECAVI

    The Falcons will win a few meaningless games at the end of the year, just to screw themselves out of a high draft pick. It never fails.