This place has been dead...

Discussion in 'GridironFans Support' started by Denver Dave, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. SRW

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    Who cares what site it is? It's an irrelevant ghost town anyway...
  2. BroncoBJ

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    :lol: Yea my sig is causing me to post more as well.

    And Damn... Titans are still hungover from Monday Night it seems. About time Chad did something for my Fantasy football team. :lol:
  3. TDJets72027

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    Is it me, or is that Canadian chick in that sig look like Trish Stratus?
  4. Bears 88

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    Sorry, that i have a life outside the internet. :dunce:
  5. Black Prowler

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    I hate to say it but a similar thread was posted at my board awhile back and I think the only purpose was to slam the site and make people believe it isn't any good.....some peeps can't handle the fact that many of us from fans got split up and went to or started other sites. I don't see what the big deal here at GIF, post at fanz, at fanatix if that's your thing and post long as you still hangin with the peeps you like and new ones you have met what is the difference? It doesn't seem like anyone can come together on what the 'one' place should be so heck it just hit em all and have a blast! :beerchug: But don't come on someone else site and say it 'looks dead' or whatever. that crap aint right.:icon_rolleyes:
  6. SRW

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    Dave's excuse is probably that he was drinking while posting....again...:icon_rolleyes:
  7. Black Prowler

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    that's probly true :lol:

    but he posted something like this at my site too so just callin him on it even though he wasn't the thread starter over there.:icon_cool:

    Dave is Dave.....funny mofo and quite dramatic :lol:
  8. Inclulbus

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    i think it's doing good here, i ain't on no other forums, but I know crowned is the one who showed me this place, and within a couple months.. he's already up in the 700's in posts, and I know he ain't talkin to himself.. lol
  9. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro crowned isn't talking to himself and neither is anyone else. Just to clear up some crap Denver Dave was talking about one part of the site and not the site as a whole, since we are a football site first and foremost most of the post in the last few weeks are based in the football areas and if you're not a big football fan some areas of the board might seen abandoned or slow, this is not the case, our members have been great and our regulars are just that REGULARS who never let us down and seeing the new blood around here in the last day or two is fun because we get to talk to some old new friends from NFL-fans and even some new friends like Homer34 and BP.
  10. Crowned

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    yay they said my name
    ::posts to self::
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    I remember when I first came over here shortly after you started the Site,we didn't have a smack forum,but after I pointed out the need,you guys quickly gave me a place to vent. Appreciated. It's been a good thing. I still remember posting "The Steelers don't actually plan on going to the Super Bowl"? They had a good team that year,and that post was like stirring a hornets nest. :Loco: We had a lot of Steelers fans then,and they kept me busy on that thread.
  12. Dougerrrr

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    pfffffffffffffffffffffffft :Loco: :horsepooping: :lola:

  13. Coming from a guy who has probably ten monthly member awards.....
  14. BoltzRule

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    I'm sorry did I get lost? This is GIF right? Not Fans?

    You guys have to understand, to Dave, "this place" = The Lounge (except for other sports and fight club)
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    Speaking of tired....I'm tired of coming here and having giant click through ads eating my screen alive. :icon_cheesygrin:

    But hey I'm just giving you crap. I like this place and it's a well done operation. And more than likely my new home.

    Yeah you are not dramatic at all, after all you only quoted about 100 replies at once on that one thread at fanatix. And for the record your IP blocks suck , I can still read your board. lolz