Tim Brown Explains His Comments About Al Davis

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    Former Raiders receiver Tim Brown recently stirred the pot with a big-ass spoon by suggesting that Raiders owner Al Davis doesnt like African-American players from Notre Dame. Brown made the remarks on an Atlanta radio station, and our guess is that, like so many other guys who talk on the radio, Brown believed the words would simply evaporate into the ether. But since most of these radio interviews are now taped for on-demand Internet replay, Browns words were heard by many and now Brown is adding to his remarks, in a statement that Brown and his agent sent to SportsRadioInterviews.com. I would like to give some face value to my recent comments on a radio interview: If you read the statement carefully, you will see it says they said, not Al Davis said. Early in my career, Al Davis and I may have had some contentious years, but none centered around him being racist. I am fully aware of the history and Mr. Davis making moves over the years. I lived some of them. I have also seen Mr. Davis do things for his players, African-American players that only those in the Raider family would know. Please, read or listen to the statement for what it is and not what everyone wants it to be.

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