Tim Brown's Hall Of Fame Wait Could Extend Past 2012

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    Based on how the Hall of Fame results went down Saturday, former Raiders wide receiver and return specialist Tim Brown probably has no better than an outside chance to make it next year when voting takes place in Indianapolis. There’s no carry over from year to year in terms of voting, of course, but it’s worth noting that five players who made it to the final cutdown ahead of Brown will also be up against next year _ Pittsburgh center Dermontti Dawson, Seattle defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy, Jets and Patriots running back Curtis Martin, Bills wide receiver Andre Reed and Saints and Chiefs left tackle Willie Roaf. That puts Brown, Cris Carter and Reed all competing again as wide receivers, of which there are only 21 in Canton. Only five modern era players can be selected each year. The only notable addition next year is Denver’s Rod Smith, who would seemingly be a cut below Brown, Carter and Reed.

    Source: Oakland Tribune
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    if brown gets in before carter, every single hof voter that voted for brown should be fired.
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    I'll take Brown over that prima donna Carter any day.
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    Screwin' prima donnas

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    I'm sure you would, and you'd be fired day one on the job.
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    U act like Cris Carter is head and shoulders better then Tim Brown who had an outstanding career in NFL and retired 2nd all time in Recieving Yards..