Tim Tebow Puts Denver Entrepreneur Out Of Business

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    Seth Finley, a Denver entrepreneur’s venture, tebowtees.com, was a website that sold parody T-shirts paying homage to the Broncos backup quarterback. If you go to tebowtees.com, you’ll get this message: “Brand Enamel has been contacted by Tebow’s camp and in good faith we have shut down tebowtees.com and suspended sales of shirts online. We apologize for the inconvenience." Not terribly surprising when some of the messages on the shirts were too suggestive to even print in this newspaper, although Finley insisted he intended no disrespect. “I got a call from someone in Tebow’s camp who threatened legal action,†Finley said. “So I shut it down. They said it was mostly a trademark and copyright issue having to do with Tebow’s name, but really they didn’t like the designs.†When “Tebow’s camp†was contacted for comment, Broncos spokesman Paul Smyth, quoting Tebow’s business manager Angel Gonzalez, said, “He preferred to keep the matter private and did not want to go into any detail.â€

    Source: Denver Post
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    Looks like the devil is possessing Tebow.