Time to extend Randy Moss?

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by SRW, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. SRW

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    Time to extend Randy Moss?

    The argument seems to make sense to me. Why not lock him up now and get him for less than having to deal with the open market? I think it's safe to say Moss is on track to be a Pro-Bowl player this year and a new deal would go a long way in keeping this usually-malcontent player happy.
  2. ollysj

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    Looks like he finally find a team, he think it's worth for to gave 100%. He's a great receiver and an asset for the Pats
  3. pacoltsguy

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    Let's see: 3 games have been played and there are 13 left to be played in the regular season.

    The Pats have played the Jets :icon_rolleyes: , the Bills :icon_eek: , and a Charger's team that nearly brought last year's MVP (LT) to tears in trying to describe his utter dispair with his team's performance this season.

    If You Want to Crown Him, then F#%$'n Crown Him!

    Personally, I don't think that he'll be making basket catches (with no defenders in sight) all season long.

    But that's just me. I think that we should go ahead and play out the season.

    "The warts are more visible the closer you get."

    Let's see--They have played the Jets:icon_rolleyes: , the Bills :icon_eek: and the Chargers (who almost brought LT to tears in describing their ineptitude).

    I don't think that Moss will be making basket catches (like he was playing center field) all season long--but:

    "If you want to Crown his Ass, Then Go Ahead and Crown It!

    I personally think that we should go ahead and play out the rest of the season.

    But that's just me.
  4. lruddicks

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    well him and to are both pretending to be 23 again and kicking ass, they will both make pro bowl i think.
  5. Cletusaurus

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    Funny... I could've sworn I saw him make two grabs with a defender draped on him today... that second TD was an absolute thing of damn near inhuman beauty. I'm not saying I'm not curious about what may or may not happen if he has a rough couple of games, but ever since the trade, Moss has been nothing short of a model citizen in New England. Now then... if the Patriots win it all this year and Moss wants to stay, the organization needs to do everything they can to keep him. If they don't win the Super Bowl and Moss wants to stay still, bring him back! I will agree with you on one point, though- it's been three damn games. Let's see a little more before we get serious about the possibility of an extension.
  6. ollysj

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    Why did you post it twice? The members here usual get it, if it's posted once <just saying> :icon_neutral:
  7. Walnuts

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    I doubt Randy Moss wants to extend with the Patriots unless they collapse and fail to win a Super Bowl. He wants the ring, then he wants to hit the open market, get a huge contract from a city like Atlanta or Green Bay (Farve wants him) and pull another job like he did in Oakland on them. Chill out, relax, take games off, milk what he accomplished this season for a couple years with a ring on his finger and some fresh millions in his pocket, and then retire. Bank on it.
  8. ollysj

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    TT will never pay him huge $$ and our current WR situation ins't bad.
  9. Rips Vikes

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    I thought you could only redo your contract once a year?
  10. Walnuts

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    What does that have to do with the price of heroin in Cambodia? He junked his old deal and signed a one year contract with the Pats for...3 mil I think? Something around 2 more in incentives? Anyway, he's a FA after this season, and I think that it is well within the rules to negotiate for an extension with a team you have a contract with, during the final year of the contract.
  11. Rips Vikes

    Rips Vikes GO VIKES!!!

    I read somewhere that they couldn't extend him until the year is over but I could be wrong on that. :shrug:
  12. Walnuts

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    I'm honestly not certain about it either and seem unable to find anything supporting either of our ideas/opinions, but either way I bet he goes FA, signs a fat contract, and dogs it bigtime.
  13. Rips Vikes

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    I hope I'm right and after he gets his ring this year he comes back to the Vikes. :buttrock:
  14. Walnuts

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    And dogs it bigtime with nobody to throw to him? Me too. Exactly the scenario I predict. Go to a team who gives him big bucks with no surrounding cast and uses that for an excuse for not giving a crap, collects his check and retires inside 2 years.
  15. Greg Brosh

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    Rips, I am going to back you up on this one because I heard it on ESPNRadio the other day that the Patriots can't do anything with Moss' contract until AFTER the season is over.
  16. TOP DAWG

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    Pats won't pay Moss what he could get on the open market,so it will get down to how bad he wants to stay at NE. Him and Brady together is just sick,and he could very well finish his career with the Pats.