Titans, Coach Jeff Fisher Part Ways After 16 Seasons

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  1. In an unexpected development in what already has been a turbulent offseason in Tennessee, the Titans and Jeff Fisher, the NFL's longest-tenured head coach, are preparing to part ways, SI.com learned Thursday afternoon. According to an NFL source close to the situation in Tennessee, the move could be announced as early as Friday, although it's uncertain if Fisher's departure will be termed a firing, a resignation or a mutual parting of ways. Though information about Fisher's situation was scarce Thursday, it was confirmed by a league source that he will not return to coach the team in 2011, contrary to what was previously expected. Fisher was said to be in the process of negotiating the terms of his departure with Titans owner Bud Adams. According to a league source, only Adams, Fisher, Titans general manager Mike Reinfeldt and team general counsel Steve Underwood were aware of the finer details of Fisher's imminent departure early Thursday evening.

    Source: Sports Illustrated
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  2. That team is a mess right now.......probably best for a new voice to right the ship.
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    So VY outlasted Fisher. Who expected that. Congratulations Andy Reid, you are the new longest-tenured coach in the NFL.
  4. I believe he will still be released in February as Bud Adams planned.....despite Fisher's sudden departure.

    New regimes mean new quarterbacks......
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    Come on Jeffy... come home to Philly. Hang out with your homeboy Washburn and make the best damn 4-3 the league has seen in a long time.
  6. Looks like you got one more shot Perry.....:peace:
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    Sucks for him all the HC gigs have basically been filled. Off to the booth with ya Fish.
  8. I wonder if losing Jim Washburn and Chuck Cecil had anything to do with it......
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    Damn I hope he gets it.
  10. Titans have just confirmed the news......could be official by tonight at the earliest.
  11. Me too but I'll be happy either way.

    Would love to have him for a second season as defensive coordinator but he is qualified to be a head coach.
  12. They better act quickly in their coaching search.....the scouting combine is less than a month away.
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    you couldnt have done thjis a month earlier could you.............
  14. Jerry Jones must be kicking the walls privately right now......

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    Wow... Wonder who they bring in
  16. Perry Fewell instantly comes to mind....he went 0-4 in the coaching search this year but this may be his best chance yet.

    They could promote within and give the gig to Dave McGinnis but he failed miserably as a head coach with the Cardinals. I don't see Eric Mangini getting serious consideration.....his name was out there as a candidate for Tennessee's DC job but it's highly unlikely he'll be a re-tread coach again for the second time.
  17. Don't we all wish we could get paid $8 Million to leave our jobs? That's more than what he was going to make had he stayed. Maybe he could've very well gotten another gig at the drop of a hat had they done this weeks ago.

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    fisher gone.... it really doesnt matter..... who ever the coaches are in the afc south, the only team that matters is the team with peyton manning
  19. Gregg Williams may be interested in returning to Tennessee as their next head coach.....he was their former defensive coordinator before taking the head coaching gig with the Bills. He was with the Oilers/Titans for 13 years.

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    He'll be good in the booth...if that what he chooses to do...