Titans QB Patrick Ramsey Aiming For No.2 Role

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans' started by SRW, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. SRW

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    Patrick Ramsey knew when he signed with the Tennessee Titans that he was coming in as the No. 3 quarterback behind Kerry Collins and Vince Young. That doesn't me he intends to stay in that spot, though. Ramsey signed a one-year free agent deal in Tennessee shortly after last year's third-stringer Chris Simms wound up with the Broncos and with Simms, there was apparently the understanding that if he came back to Tennessee he would get a legitimate chance to vie for the second spot behind Collins.

    Source: Nashville City Paper
  2. TexanDynasty

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    How is Patrick Ramsey a NFL QB ???????

    my daughter has a better arm.
  3. Harvs01

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    lol...2 words...Steve Spurrier
  4. BarlOwens

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    I concur...this guy is still in the freaking league?
  5. 86WARD

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    He's got a good shot at getting the number two spot in Tennessee...

    Vince Young shouldn't be that difficult to beat and he's familier with Heimerdinger's offense...
  6. K Train

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    vince young should be extremely difficult to beat out
  7. The Manster

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    I think that Ramsey could beat out Young but I do not think it will happen. The First the amount of Young's contract is so I do not think Bud Adams would let him be 3rd. Second the team would have to worry that Young could not handle another demotion and who know what he would do.
  8. davematthews3

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    What a fall from Grace if Young is beat out by Patrick Ramsey.
  9. Garnett

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    I like Patrick Ramsey. I still believe Spurries scarred him permanently by not having him get any sort of protection. I wish him well with this team.