Titans RB Chris Johnson Admits To Getting Frustrated On The Field

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans' started by SRW, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Titans unning back Chris Johnson gained 125 yards against the Giants but it took him 32 carries, the second-most of his career. “I’ll say this today and I’ll say this probably for the next 13 weeks: defenses are going to try and stop C.J. That is what they do,’’ Coach Jeff Fisher said. “So you have to try and find other ways to win the games. You keep handing the ball to him and he’ll make his plays. You don’t abandon it completely.’’ Said Johnson, whose longest run was for 42 yards: “Of course I get frustrated. But my teammates, my coaches, they do a good job of keeping my head in the game. I have a lot of one, two, zero yard gains, loss of yardage, but I just hope to break for one and we’ll be OK.’’

    Source: The Tennessean
  2. TheSnowman

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    What's wrong, CJ? You're the best back in the league, and "it's not even close!" :sarcasm1:
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    He rushed for 125 yards but because every run wasn't 30 yards get's him frustrated? I hope at some point someone knocks his gold teeth out of his head.
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    I saw the game and I could see his frustration. It was the third week where he was stonewalled all day aside from a handful of runs. Take those runs away and the long run vs the Raiders and he's been shut down all year. The offensive line isn't getting the same push they were last year and Vince Young isn't doing enough in the passing game to loosen up the defensive fronts. He had 30+ carries and I'd say at least 10-12 were for little to no gain or losses.
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    He has a right to be frustrated, he's getting killed out there. The past two weeks the passing game has been laughable and CJ has had 48 carries into 8 and 9-man fronts. Thats too many carries, even for the best running back in the league (no sarcasm.) The Titans absolutely have to start passing the ball more/successfully or CJ won't be around in the second half of the season.

    And Duke, those 125 yards were the toughest of CJs career. The Giants did a great job containing him all day, with the exception of one run.
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    Aren't you guys forgetting that despite this, all Vince Young does is win games?

    In all seriousness, the Titans are sending CJ to an early retirement if they continue to let him get destroyed. Vince Young and the passing game has got to sort it out sooner rather than later if the Titans are going to stay relevant.