Titans RB Chris Johnson Ponders Lack Of MVP Consideration

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  1. Titans RB Chris Johnson was happy to be named the league's Offensive Player of the Year on Wednesday. But after becoming just the sixth player to rush for 2,000 yards in one season, Johnson still felt somewhat unfulfilled. He wanted the MVP award. "I didn't even get one vote for the MVP out of 50 people, so why would they vote for me for offensive player of the year? And all five guys that got votes for MVP were offensive players."

    USA Today
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    Pretty ridiculous...
  4. SoDev

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    The fact that he didn't get a single vote does seem pretty freaking odd.

  5. The only logical reason imo why Johnson didn't win the MVP because his team failed to make the playoffs. Other than that, he would've been very deserving of that honor. But the fact that he didn't even get one single vote is almost insane.
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    He has a valid point on not getting any votes but you still don't come out and say it...
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    Why not? Just be honest. Also, with regards to the not one vote thing, if almost 50 people thought CJ had an amazing season, but Peyton Manning had a better one or was more deserving of MVP, that doesn't mean that he wasn't second on everybody's list. there are only 1st place votes. So everyone just thought that Peyton had a better year than CJ or whatever. By the way, this whole making the playoffs thing is stupid. it's not about how valuable you are to your team or to the league (Peyton Manning wins those in a landslide). It's about or it should be about rather, how amazing of a season you had and like a player of the year kind of thing. just my opinion.
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    I wish QB's weren't by position automatic favorites every year. Back in 1997 when Barry Sanders ran for over 2,000 yards he shared the MVP with Favre. I said back then that anyone who rushes for over 2,000 yards in 1 season deserves MVP by himself. I think I still stand by that. The season CJ had has only been done 6 times ever. Peyton's season (while great) isn't as statistically significant (especially considering past MVP seasons for QB's). I love Peyton too. I'm still glad he won his 4th so I don't hear about Favre having the most.

    I know QB as a position can have more impact on a team/game, but when all time great seasons are up for consideration, like CJ this year, for him to not get a single vote if not strongly contend for the award is terrible imo.
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    There's a difference between MVP and Offensive player of the year. Especially when your team doesn't even make the playoffs.

    It's not all about the #'s either otherwise Brees would have won it over Manning.

    Although if the Titans were 13-3 I think CJ would have been a serious contender. Although he's been whining a lot (complaining about the ref costing him the rushing record, now this).
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    I am verry confused by this. The guy practically carried this team on his back. Yeah when VY came back that gave them a little more dimensions than CJ but still the kid dominated when people knew he was their only weapon. Don't worry young man, you'll have many more to get, only your 2nd year.
  11. Garnett

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    ^^ But with that consideration, then how could CJ have made more of an impact on helping his team win? If the MVP is solely about importance to the team (CJ should also be in consideration here too), then why not call it the QB award as no one other than him or a RB will ever win? And a RB who has one of the 6 best rushing seasons ( and the best yards from scrimmage season) ever isn't as impactful?
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    I doubt CJ will have another year this good, maybe he will come close. His speed will eventually fade and the pounding will start to take its toll.

    Maybe something like twinkyerson or Campbell.
  13. Bulluck53

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    :lol: I didn't realize there are only first place votes for the MVP, that makes a lot of sense. My bad on that one.
  14. AtlantaBlazer

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    NFL is a QB/Passing obsessed league, therefore the QB will always win out over the RB or anyone else. I personally thought that Revis could be a legit candidate, solely because of what he did to the best WRs in the league.
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    LT won the MVP in 06.

    And if Revis didn't even win DPOY, so no way would he win MVP. That and he's a defensive player, and corner isn't really that big of an impact position (when compared to QB, RB, even LB).
  16. Garnett

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    If MVP is solely for offensive players, then all offensive players should carry equal weight in winning the award imo. I'm not saying lineman should be eligible and deserve to win it, but since the QB has more of an impact, then no other player will really get much of a shot, especially if his team doesn't make the playoffs. You don't see this happen in any other pro league. The NHL, NBA, and MLB all have regular players win MVP. NHL and MLB (certain players are up for other awards (pitchers, goalies etc).

    I just feel that CJ's year was so much better than anyone else's this year statistically, his value is apparent.