Titans RB LenDale White To Holdout If He's Not Traded?

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    So what if the Titans don't trade running back LenDale White and he remains on the roster with the role of a back-up? Well, as a restricted free agent, there's a chance he wouldn't report to offseason workouts, and minicamps while his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, could try and play hardball that way and force the team's hand even more. White said he didn't want to even think about any of that and that he's hoping things can get worked out where everyone will be happy. "I don't want to think about 4 or 5 months down the road or if they don't (trade me),'' White said. "I just think there's enough respect on both sides where we can both be happy, where we can get it done respectfully. I have nothing but respect for Jeff Fisher and I love the Titans. To me a perfect world would be for me to get 250 carries next year with the Titans, but that's not going to happen. So hopefully we can get this worked out. I am anxious, and waiting to see what happens.''

    Source: The Tennessean
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    Titans to miss LenDale White if he holds out?

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    fat snitch
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    Haha I hope he does
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    Fat boy, missing the work outs going to be even more fat now.

    JASON4RMLA Go Kings!!

    Stop crying LenDale... Get cha GAME UP!!!
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    It didn't seem to me that he was really whining. He definately wants out but he didn't knock the coach or organization. He's at least being respectful at this point
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    Agreed... Nope, the Titans won't miss him.