Todd Haley Refuses To Shake Josh McDaniel's Hand After Loss

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    Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley refused to shake Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels' hand after the Broncos 49-29 win on Sunday. When the two head coaches met at midfield, Haley pointed at McDaniels, gave him a scolding, then turned his back. Haley would not discuss what was said, but it's believed that Haley was not pleased with the Broncos continuing to max protect on deep passing plays and blitz Kansas City late in the decisive win. Late last season, Haley pulled his starters in a blowout win of the Broncos, including running back Jamaal Charles, who had a legitimate chance at breaking the single-game rushing record. Denver visits Arrowhead Stadium on December 5.

    Source: Mac's Football Blog

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    Get some tissues Haley. Broncos have played like crap the whole year, and they needed to work on their game in this scrimmage.
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    Yeah McDaniels is a huge douche but this isn't cool. And I hate McDaniels.
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    im gunna watch the next game. i think denver was in a must win, pulled out some great plays and catches. to me cheifs have solid peices on all three phases and should have a shot at making a run to the playoffs... mcdaniels ... i dont know what this guy is doing....anyone with a man crush on tebow.... i just dont like
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    Still think Chargers win this division.