Todd Haley Rips Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles Over Key Fumble

Discussion in 'Kansas City Chiefs' started by SRW, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. SRW

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    Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was very displeased with running back Jamaal Charles' fumble on Sunday, according to the Kansas City Star. The fumble came on a kickoff return, and resulted in a Giants touchdown. Haley was blunt when asked about it. "At some point, we've got to stop doing the things to hurt us," he said. "That's a killer. You open the game like that, this is a morale-breaker."

  2. hermhater

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    You can't make those mistakes and expect to win.

    It's a habit.
  3. tammietailgator

    tammietailgator ROCK CHALK!

    It would be so hard not to rip haley right back for his play calling and confusion factor!
  4. hermhater

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    I'm not sure what is going on with the play calling tammie.
  5. Three7s

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    He'll never stop fumbling. Just don't let him play.
  6. Roy31

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    it was only his third fumble in two seasons.
  7. Dougerrrr

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    Hmmmmmmm....don't quite get the "ripping" part of that headline in the snippet of article. He answered a question....didn't say that Charles was a worthless piece of garbage who can't hold onto the ball and not sure why he was even drafted and will not be playing in the NFL in the very near future because he stinks up the house so terribly with his horrible imitation of talent. If he'd said something like that then I'd say he was "ripping" Charles.
  8. bandi

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    That fumble sucked, but it certainly wasn't the ONLY reason we lost the game.
  9. chiefswin19games

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    I'm sure he yelled and screamed and raised his b/p.

    I did read some of his comments during his pressor though and he did talk about needing improvement from a coaching standpoint.
  10. pctrips

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    I wish someone like Cassel would rip Haley for the play calling. LOL
  11. warcrychief

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    I dont see much of a problem of his play calling. other than ppl saying he gave up in the Eagles game. But i think he was give the O-line reps there. and with how good that Eagles D is, i dont see why not.
  12. pctrips

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    nothing wrong with the play calling? How about the flat pass before the end of the half against the raiders with no time outs and we end up with no points? The entire second half against the Eagles? The onside kicks each game? Refusing to throw the ball down field? It's one thing to not have the talent to win games. It's an entirely different thing when you don't even call the plays to give yourself a chance.
  13. warcrychief

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    I for 1 like his agressive calling. he has won about half of his risky calls. and some dont pan out like the faiders game. but he did win 2/3 4 down calls in that game. That TD would have put us in a strog postion 2 win the game. but he is a rookie HC and im sure he will learn from it.
  14. pctrips

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    I love your optimism and I hope your right but outside of the onside kicks I think he's too conservative.
  15. hermhater

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    I'm not sure what to think about Haley right now, but I'm not giving up on him.