Todd McShay's 2008 NFL Mock Draft v4.0

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Discussion' started by SRW, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. SRW

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    McFadden out of top five; Clady takes his place

  2. Paul33

    Paul33 Guest

    When was this done?

    Surely with the Porter, Berrian and Williamson deals, the Jaguars and Vikings seem less likely to target a WR in Round 1.
  3. Bears 88

    Bears 88 FTW

    Mendenhall would be nice. But, at #14?
  4. Paul33

    Paul33 Guest

    Why not? Some draftniks are even going as far to suggest Mendenhall will go before D Mac. Go figure.
  5. Jammin Jaguar

    Jammin Jaguar English Student.

    I don't agree that we'll go ahead and draft a WR with our #26 pick. After signing Porter and Williamson in FA already I don't see why we'd still focus on the WR position in the first round of the Draft. Defensive End is where we need to go and is probably where we will go... Calais Campbell dropping out of the first round really wouldn't bother me, I'd happily take him with that #26 pick.
  6. Paul33

    Paul33 Guest

    That's why I asked when this mock was done, I can only assume it was before our flurry of activity.
  7. Jammin Jaguar

    Jammin Jaguar English Student.

    The link to ESPN shows that it was updated on the 29th February.
  8. Weezy

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    Although i like the thought of the lions drafting Jeff Otah OT, Pittsburgh there is no way he drops to us
  9. falcon_91

    falcon_91 Pro Bowler

    I can defo see Clady going to KC, EVEN if Jake Long is still on the board, he is the best pure LT in the draft.
    I'd also be pretty pissed if the draft went like that, as we could of picked up Dorsey/Ellis at #3 (and i hate the prospect of Long against top RE's) and then picked up Sam Baker in the 2nd round.
  10. nastynate184

    nastynate184 Fuck Michigan

    after the moves of the past two days i can see the draft looking alot diffrent then this
  11. KJ3

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    homedude should've waited til at least a week after f/a. about half of those picks look wrong without much of a sniff.
  12. Bears 88

    Bears 88 FTW

    I want Jonathan Stewart instead.
  13. Platoon 86

    Platoon 86 Loony

    I'd hate to see Chris play for the Rams. :(
  14. mouse

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  15. dolphindude13

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    Like I've been saying for about a month at least the Fins take Matt Ryan....although they have some big time needs at O-line and D-line, chances to draft franchise QB's don't come around often and when they do you better jump on it. Ryan's the smart pick to me....Jake Long would be the safe pick.
  16. 5x49ers

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    I dont like McShay
  17. Bears 88

    Bears 88 FTW

    This isn't a 1st round pick.
    Draft Tom Zbikowski. I'd love to have that guy playing safety. [​IMG]
  18. SuperBeast

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    James Hardy!!!

    Just what i like to see!
  19. DarthGator

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    we need OL....although benson isnt worth the roster space he takes up

    so I could live with the Bears pick
  20. mouse

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