Tom Brady officially a father

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    Source: Mark Shanahan, Boston Globe

    Patriots quarterback Tom Brady became a father for the first time today when his former girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan, gave birth to a baby boy in Los Angeles. Brady, whose relationship with Moynahan ended late last year, flew to the West Coast this morning, but it's unclear if he was present for the birth. Moynahan's publicist Christina Papadopoulos told the Boston Globe, "mother and baby are doing well," but didn't provide any other details. Speculation of a potential birth began circulating earlier Wednesday after Brady missed practice.
  2. DawkinsINT

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    She's ruined her body for nothing. Bye-bye acting career.
  3. 49ers121

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    How dare you Tom...Bridget was hot and you took her innocence :icon_twisted:
  4. linz_renee

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    just call it the ultimate suvineer. Think about it's worth on ebay.
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    I heard she named the baby Peyton...LOL...since they are no longer together, maybe thats a way to get back at Its maybe a rumor, I heard it on KNBR. It could be they were being sarcastic though..

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    A couple of years ago at our gym there was a model who worked out almost up to delivery.A few months after delivery you couldn,t even tell she had a baby,except her boobs were bigger.Wasn't a bad thing.
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    yup a agree td not too bad of a thing .......damn you tom damn you
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    Its not the same for actresses when they have kids, they look like new in weeks. I.E. Pam Anderson, Kate Hudson, Katie Holmes (even though she gave birth to an alien). They get there tight body back in weeks, those snitches are too insecure not too.
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    they also have nothing but money which helps - hire a nanny, a personal trainer, a nutritionist... same sexy body in 2 weeks or less guarenteed.
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    Now that would be totally hilarious...wonder when the next one's due?
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    Bill Bellichick told Brady he's glad that the baby is healthy, but he should still list him as "questionable".
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    LMAO! I wish I could rep ya, bro.
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    Yeah exactly especially when in Hollywood if u weigh like 115-120 lbs and wear over a size 2 youre considered a cow!!!!
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    Congrats Brady. :icon_sad: