Tom Moore Leaving The Colts Was A Done Deal Before Meeting With Jets?

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    The departure of longtime offensive coordinator Tom Moore from the Colts' organization came as a rather sudden surprise to many who cover the team. After Moore's name was removed from the team website, owner Jim Irsay told the Indianapolis Star, "I don't see [Moore returning next season] but I never say never. I do think this year it is pretty certain he is not going to be doing anything for us. I think he'll probably go into retirement and see how it feels." There had been some speculation that Moore was relieved of his duties with the team, in part, because he met with the New York Jets in early May to discuss their red-zone offense. Pro Football Weekly is hearing, however, that it is highly unlikely Moore agreed to meet with the Jets unless he already knew he would no longer be a member of the Colts' staff.

    Source: Pro Football Weekly