Tonight Is The Last IMPACT In The Impact Zone.....

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk' started by misfitz, Mar 7, 2013.

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    TNA has been in the Impact Zone for almost 9 years. They have had so many great moments in that arena. However they outgrew it and its time for them to take the show on the road. The Impact Zone was great for TNA in the beginning because it gave them a place to have their show and guaranteed butts in the seats. However you can only grow so far without going on the road. In many ways the Impact Zone became a crutch for TNA and it caused them to become lazy. They have a new challenge now and everyone in the company is going to have to bring their A-Game.

    So far it looks like taking the show on the road is going to be a good move because ticket sales have been very strong. This is it for TNA its now or never. Its sink or swim. They want to play with the big boys now they have their shot.

    I have to think that TNA is in a good financial place right now because they are going to be spending money to take the show on the road. They are staying live at least every other week(I have no idea how the road shows are going to be speculation is like Raw used to be with 1 live and 1 taped) However it doesn't matter because the biggest complaint over the last few years is how dead the Impact Zone has become. I was watching the Best of Christian Cage this past weekend and the Impact Zone Pre-2010 was absolutely amazing the crowd was always so into it and jumping around and the crowd now is just dull and lifeless. They are so accustomed to seeing Impact every week that they have become spoiled. A new arena and new set of fans every few weeks that are filled with FANS not tourists is going to inject more life into TNA. The ball is in their court and lets hope they don't drop it.
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    I find it amusing that when I said they should leave the Impact Zone people hooted and hollered about some "lease agreement" and "IT CAN NEVER HAPPEN."
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    Good riddance in my book. I never liked the stale atmosphere of that place. It felt like WCW back in the early 90's to me. Time for them to get this show on the road and make their product look a helluva lot better. They can still make the show look good in smaller venues.
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    And what an awesome show they ended with. Washed up wrestlers and nobodies galore in their "major angle." Way to go!