Tony Dungy Believes Colts Might Draft Stanford QB Andrew Luck, And Trade Him

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  1. If the Colts end up with the top pick in April's draft, Tony Dungy has a plan for his former team. "I think they draft (Stanford quarterback) Andrew Luck and then I think they see how Peyton Manning is doing," Dungy told "The Dan Patrick Show" on Friday. "If Peyton comes back in the fall ... and is healthy, and looks like he wants to play three or four more years, and has that velocity on the ball, and they get a clean report from the doctors -- then I think you think about trading Andrew Luck. "You get that classic quarterback and then you deal from strength." A strength that's in question for the Indianapolis Colts. The future of Peyton Manning is hazy, obscured by questions about his durability, age and place on a team that has very little to offer in his absence. Would this franchise pass on Luck -- or trade him away -- for a few more seasons under Manning's direction?

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  2. I'd do it the other way around.............Luck is too good to pass up. The Colts will be down this road again in a few years if they keep Manning.
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    They aren't going to get another number 1 pick anytime soon with Manning playing. Dungy is an idiot and a quitter.
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    no one gets traded, luck sits behind manning. please dont let that happen though


    I totally agree with you Big Blue Bruiser, neck injuries are no sure things. I've messed up my neck years ago falling on it and I've never been the same. My balance is forever gone and at times my left arm just goes numb. I don't think surgery just fixes all your problems but Peyton is never again going to be Peyton we knew and love, he is on the downside of his career. Even guys like him can't go at a high pace like that forever. Personally if you get Luck, you keep him because I think Peyton, if he comes back has 1-2 years left in him anyways. Just enough to teach/mentor luck
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    IF Manning plays, nothings gonna hurt transitioning Luck behind Manning for two years...IF Manning ever plays again. Over 35 with multiple neck surgeries...just saying...
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    i agree with the sentiments here that it would be best for luck to sit and learn behind someone like manning for a couple of years instead of being traded away, if they spend the first overall on him (unless someone gives up a ton).

    however, i disagree with BBB's sentiment that Luck is 'too good to pass up'. We don't know what he is. No one does. We have ideas and guesses. Does he seem to have a good 'shot' at being a good qb in the nfl? yes, but how many college guys with that definition end up going nowhere in this league every year?

    We don't really know what he is going to be doing 5 years from now. He seems to have a pretty good shot at playing on Sundays but he could also be selling insurance.

    After living through many drafts and many nfl seasons (since i'm an old man), the only thing i know for sure about college players is that there are no sure things.
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    I don't say this often but I completely agree with Captain. He might turn out to be amazing but he might turn out to be Ryan Leaf. Look what happened against Oregon. It wasn't a very good game. However him sitting behind arguably the greatest QB ever and learning could be a HUGE help to his career. That being said, it's hard to pass him by.
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    And I also wish that Tony Dungy would go back to coaching because he SUCKS as a media analyst and is a GIANT cat.
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  10. you cant possibly put the entire Oregon game on him, he has 0 NFL talent surrounding him, its now like he was out there playing defense either, for him to even lead that team to 30 against Oregon is a victory in itself
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    Unfortunately, I dont think we are ever going to see the Manning of old again
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    My feelings as well. Kind of what I've been hinting around for the last couple months. I almost want to take it a step further and say there's a real good chance that we've seen the last of him in a football uniform.
  13. There's no guarantees that the Colts will be the team they once were even with Manning.

    You can't going into the process and assume that Luck won't pan out. Manning's age and neck issues would make me weary about going forward with the status-quo and trade Luck. He's considered to be the best QB prospect since Peyton. It's a QB league and if you have the chance to get a franchise QB, you don't pass him up. The Colts would be wise to go forward into a new era and take Luck.

    Manning himself knows that a quarterback must play right away like he did. Even if that means him playing elsewhere. The Colts won't pick up his $26M option just to have a backup/mentor. Even with the rookie cap, keeping them both won't be financially fiscal.
  14. I hate to feel this way about Peyton..............but neck issues are something not to mess around with.
  15. That sucks dude........

    You never had surgery to correct it?