Tony Dungy Says Colts Should Draft Stanford QB Andrew Luck, Trade Peyton Manning

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  1. Former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy has always been very guarded when it has come to talking about Peyton Manning's neck injury and few expected Colts to be winless through six games this season, especially Dungy. The Colts have gotten used to greatness over the years, and this season finish along the course that it has started, Jim Caldwell's team might just have the chance to draft the guy who some say could be the next Manning. Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is head and shoulders above the rest of the draft class, should he declare. Friday morning, on the Dan Patrick Show, Dungy, for the first time, really didn't hold back when addressing the Colts/Manning/Luck scenario: "I think you have to take him," Dungy said. Obviously, for Luck to fall into the Colts lap, Manning would likely have to miss the remainder of the season but Dungy doesn't think that will be an issue. "It really depends on how the season goes," Dungy told the DP Show. "He wants to play. I don't think unless they get back where they are close to being a playoff team, I don't think they bring him back this year, but I don't see this injury stopping him from playing." While some believe Manning wouldn't be thrilled if the Colts selected Luck, Dungy feels differently. "I think he would handle it ok, because you know it's coming. He knows football and he knows you have to do what good for the team in the long run. I would see him competing and playing for as long as he wanted. If it gets to the point to where it looks like he'll play for 3 or 4 more years, and you have Andrew Luck, an asset, you can trade him."

    Source: National Football Authority
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    Dungy did not say that the Colts should trade Peyton Manning. He said that the Colts should draft Luck no matter what. Then, if Peyton were to come back and be able to play 3-4 years, they could trade Luck (the valuable commodity). Your headline is very misleading and is going to freak out a lot of Colts fans.
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    No crap Tony. I like Dungy, but I hate that he's relevant for anything Colts, anything Buccaneers and anything Troubled Player. It's rather annoying.
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  4. If you read the entire article by clicking the link...........Dungy did infact point out the possibly of trading Manning...........not Luck. He feels the Colts should move on from Manning and cites Terry Bradshaw and Dan Marino as his reasons.

    Trading Luck would be stupid just because Manning will be back at some point in time. Manning will be 36 years old in March. Luck will provide the Colts much more stability in the long run.

    The Colts did not envision having to replace Manning next year but his injury, three surgeries to correct it and their 0-6 start has opened their eyes on a possible future without him.

    As the late great Randy "Macho Man" Savage once said, "Freak Out, Freak Out. OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!"
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    Draft Luck and let him sit for a year or two. Imagine him being tutored by Manning. Manning,if he can come back fine, really can't last more than a couple more years. No matter how great he is, Father Time always wins. And while I don't really follow college THAT well, I don't hear of any other qb with so much talent being available in a few years. That reason alone is why you draft Luck. You have to draft the best player regardless of position. Should anyway. Why mess up your team cause you think your qb will get upset. Now if Manning was like 26 the answer would obviously be pass him up but he is 36. You have to draft Luck if you want this team to continue to be good. An average qb won't get the job done there.Not if you want to continue like the Colts have been doing. Manning knows his time is short. And say if you do pass on Luck and Manning gets seriously hurt next year then you are hecked. Draft Luck and sit him for atleast a year. Like I said Manning doesn't have 10 more years left in him. Get your future qb now and worry about the rest when it comes.
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    Ummm Tony who the hell is going to want a 36 year old coming off neck surgery? I got to be honest I starting to think Peyton is going to call it quits cause of his neck
  7. BTW............did you create an account on GIF just to tell me this?

    I'm sorry if this will potentially freak out a lot of Colts fans but this shouldn't exactly be shocking news to them.
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    it wont matter the fins and rams will have the first two picks
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    If Carson Palmer can get two 1st round draft picks. The Colts should be able to get something for Manning.

    That said given the chance to have Luck sit being Manning for a season or two would only be a good thing. As a Colt fan, my ideal situation is that Manning plays a year, maybe two, then moves right into becoming a QB coach/coordinator.
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    its the truth
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    I think some qb starved teams that also could use a boost in attendnace would gladly take on Manning, age, neck and all
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    I agreee completely with Tony dungy on this sentiment
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    You need to keep in mind when you get Peyton, you get Eli mentions with it. You also get Archie, the Mom, the other brother that never panned out because of medical conditions. You're pretty much getting a 5 for whatever deal...:2bang9hj:
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    any team with a good line would want him. Depends on how bad the neck is.
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    I would take Peyton Manning if I was one of most of these crappy NFL teams
  17. Buck Fenson

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    He won't go to a crappy team. That would be a wasted trade.
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    If he went to a crappy team they may not be crappy anymore...some teams out there with Peyton would easily be a playoff team
  19. Buck Fenson

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    I doubt he would go to like the Browns or the Chiefs. They would have to have a very good offensive line.