Tony Dungy Shocked The Colts Lost Super Bowl XLIV

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  1. Former Colts coach Tony Dungy joined the Dan Patrick show to talk about the Super Bowl. Dungy had said last week that he would be "shocked" if Indy lost."I just thought it would probably be New Orleans that made the big mistake ... it ended up being the Colts that made the big mistake," Dungy said. I expected the Colts to score touchdowns and put 30 points on the board. They only put up 17. I was pretty shocked." Dungy also said that Pierre Garcon's drop in the second quarter was the biggest play of the game, that allowed the Saints to stay in the game and eventually get back in it.

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    that was a huge drop
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    HAHA dungy fails
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    Pride goes before a fall Tony....
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    I guess at least Dungy is man enough to come out after the game and acknowledge that he was wrong - it always grinds my gears how when 'experts' pick wrong they either pretend it didn't happen, or rationalize it and dismiss it as the other team getting lucky.
    Hopefully Tony takes this lesson forward with him also.
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    Dungy better get back into coaching cause he looks like a duck out of water as an analyst. Idiotic comment after idiotic comment every single week and his great samaritan act with Vick was weak.
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    Dungy is a great man. He should either stick to coaching or preaching though.
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    The Lord works in mysterious ways Tony.
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    Ya, the Garcon drop was big, but your boy threw a clutch pick 6 Dungy; keep trying to minimize that. And why so surprised that they made the big mistakes? They did it enough under you that you should see the pattern.