Tony Sparano Tries To Explain Dolphins Play Calling

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    When did the second day of the week turn into Second Guessers Day? Whenever it started, there was no shortage of it among Dolphins followers Tuesday. The Dolphins had a run and pass called and, because of the coverage and defensive front, chose the run. They did the same thing on the fourth-quarter third-and-6. ``We did not, contrary to popular belief, just call a run play,'' coach Tony Sparano said. ``We called an either-or play, a `check-with-me' play to try to give us the best situation possible. And, really, the play we ran was the best situation. I don't second-guess the call. Now, whether or not we executed the play well enough . . . ``In the course of that game, we executed a lot of run plays pretty well. We didn't quite execute that play well enough.''

    Source: Miami Herald
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    eh, i think the phins are doing the best they can right now with what they have to work with. their problem is that oppossing coaches have figured their players, plays, and schemes and are defending them better. they just need time to re-adjust.
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    They definitely need to work on that 2 minute offense. And Ted Ginn needs to make the big plays.
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    i don't think ted ginn has the stones to be big time. he plays scared.
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    Tony needs to get his team and slap the chet out of them for blowing that last drive... come on Chad! What was the deal with the clock ? YOu had 3 mins to go down the field.
    Use those T.O and sidelines wisely.. they could have still ran some wildcat and opened up the passing game even more.. The Colts didn't have an answer to it... except for Peyton and his 12 second drill hahaha.

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    No crap. It was downright embarrassing. They looked clueless out there.