Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks

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  1. Jihad Joe

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    No, I seriously dont understand his argument, unless he is arguing with someone else.

    My point is, I dont know why Rothlisbergers SB performance is such bfd when people evaluate him as a QB, especially considering that they dont even make the playoffs that year without him.

    Mr D seems to think that by my logic if Rothlisberger gets a ring after a 9 of 21, QB's that lost lost but put up great numbers should get one two.

    Either Im having a massive brain fart and not connecting the dots, or Mr D isnt making any sense

    The only thing remotely close to a connection is me remarking that they would have even been a PO team that year without him. Thats a weak connection

    Judging a QB or any player means you judging an overall body of work. Ive seen people say "well Trent Dilfer had a better Super Bowl, and he sucks". Ive never really thrown my hat into the For/Against Rothlisberger argument, but Ive noticed alot of people key on the SB performance, and IMO thats a weak point to focus. Its not leaing you anywhere other than the fact that he had a bad game
  2. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    This thread hasnt gotten that hot in the Ben debate department, but Ive seen alot of people try to argue that he isnt even a top 10 QB. Thats asinine IMO. Honeslty I have a hard time having him outside the top 5.

    Ill give you Manning at the time he got his ring, but I think he is a much better QB now.

    Honestly I dont think people put as much stock into rings as people think. I think the credit either the amount given or the lack given is dependent on what the player meant to getting it. Montana and Elway get and deserve the praise they get for theirs. But really, how much talk does Jim McMahon get about having one? For guys like that its very "Cool Story Bro!"
  3. Mr. D

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    The point is he didn't earn that Super Bowl Ring he got that ring for the same reason Tommy Maddox got it, they were on the Steeler Roster

    Granted Ben tried and Tommy didn't even play in the game but Ben might as well not even have played with his poor performance
  4. RichLikeWh0a

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    ..and JJ's point is, what the heck does this have to do with Big Ben being a top 10 QB?
  5. Mr. D

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    Hey Crunk haven't heard from you in ages lol

    let me point this out for you guys Rich these following quotes is what I'm responding to and Ward I'm not saying Ben is horrible all around just pointing out a flaw in people's post about him.

    having a Super Bowl Ring does not make you better than another QB stop with using that as an example. Ward you have great points on why he's a better QB without using the old LAME Ring reference

    a RING means your TEAM won the Super Bowl. Tommy maddox has a super Bowl Ring cause he was on the Steelers Roster the year they won the super bowl, does that make him better than Rivers?

    I don't crucify him as a QB because of that super bowl, I just Crucify him due to people believing he's better than others because of that super bowl.

    if people would stop trying to claim he's better because he happened to be on the team that won the super bowl instead of leading the team to the super bowl and the stuff he's done in regular season then maybe i won't crucify him for that, I would just bash him for his off the field actions as a person lol

    a ring means bull crap to a single person's status

    all it means is that your team won the super bowl. that you were on the team at the time.

    Ben's personal stats that he's done in his second super bowl, the playoffs coming into the first super bowl and regular season proves that he is better than plenty of other QB's

    not a ring lol

    if we counted rings to be better than another qb

    then Tommy Maddox is better than Dan Marino
  6. 86WARD

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    I'm not basing it on just his you assume everyone here is - which no one has based it on just that. So fast to jump to a conclusion. If you'd bother to read past the ring comment, his whole portfolio (which happens to include two rings) is better than Rivers'. Take the two rings out. Say the Steelers lost the two Super Bowls. Change history. Ben's portfolio...still better than Rivers. Unless you want to be a stat guy and just go off the which Ben would still be better based on their first 6 seasons.

    You are trying to say that Ben had nothing to do with the Steelers winning those rings. He had everything to do with them getting to Super Bowl XL. Like you said yourself. It's a team game and the team picked it up when they needed to. lol...haters will hate. Sorry that he's no Carson Palmer.
  7. SoDev

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    Given similar stats in the same ballpark the QB who is better in the bigger games is the better freaking QB. I'd take Ben over Rivers every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Same reason I'd take Brady over Peyton even though Peyton's numbers are prettier.
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  8. Crowned

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    You can't replace guys that just know how to win, sorry.
  9. ragman

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    Jim Plunkett of the Raiders has 2 SB rings, and he's not even in Canton. The SB ring argument is old and overused.

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    Elisha Nelson Manning IS overrated.
  10. RichLikeWh0a

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    They weren't saying he's better than Rivers because of his superbowl rings. They were stating his two superbowl rings as part of his accomplishments. I don't see what you aren't understanding here, Mr. D.. lmao
  11. K Train

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    rivers might be a better pure passer, but roethlisberger is definitely the better QB
  12. phiglesphan

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    Brady over Peyton is ridoculous IMO too. Put Peyton on the Pats for the past decade with or without the whole disgraceful cheating giving him knowledge of defensive play calls and he would have about 6 SBs IMO.
  13. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    leadership in sports is so overrated....its not like hes leading them into a vietnam jungle for battler, they are playing freaking football. hes a good on field leader, thats all he has to be.

    haters gonna hate
  14. CStevenson13

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    Im gonna take my shot at this, imo......

    1. Peyton Manning
    2. Tom Brady
    3. Drew Brees
    4. Aaron Rodgers
    5. Phillip Rivers
    6. Big Ben
    7. Matt Schaub
    8. Tony Romo
    9. Eli Manning
    10. Matt Ryan
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    I agree with you on this. Look at what Peyton did last year when most people had them finishing 8-8. He lost Reggie Wayne etc. Tom Brady works in that Pats system. You can put Peyton in any system.

    But I still dont see how having Eli ranked 7 is homerism. IF i had him at 5 or higher you could make that point.
  16. phiglesphan

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    Because he's as inconsistent as they come and when he's bad he is REALLY bad. If he was not named Manning he wouldn't even be in the NFL

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    You also have yet to say what this list is actually about?
  17. ragman

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    The Apocalypse must be upon us. I agree with the first part of his post.
  18. SoDev

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    That's just freaking goobered. You want him out of the top 10 fine, 15+ whatever... only in the league because his name is Manning, freaking full goober.
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    not 2 get away from the point of this thread...but need 2 get fined for that hit in your sig lol
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    I am not saying he is not now playing well enough to stay. I am saying he has had a charmed life because of who his family is and that for years he was so inconsistent and at times atrocious that it's amazing he managed to keep a starting job.