Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks

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    That is a typical spiteful Philadelphia eagles fan homer comment. He's easily in the top 10 as far as quarterbacks in this league.

    If he wasn't a manning he wouldn't be in the league. Bwahahhahah. Jesus, are you really that clueless? the only time Eli was been terribly inconsistent was in his first few years and his numbers prove it.

    Calling me a homer after making those comments negates any leg you have to stand on. Thanx for the late night laugh.

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    Again point to what years? His first few when he had no offensive line and thrown to the wolves when the giants were terrible. I can't recall anytime in the last 4-5 years where he should have been benched. I've heard a lot of stupid crap before, but my autistic neighbor wouldn't even try to make that argument.
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    1. Peyton Manning
    2. Drew Brees
    3. Tom Brady
    4. Aaron Rodgers
    5. Phillip Rivers

    It's a toss up for 6-10 to me.

    6. Big Ben
    7. Eli Manning
    8. Matt Schaub
    9. Bret Favre
    10. Donovan McNabb

    Eh, I'll keep going.

    11. Matt Ryan
    12. Joe Flacco
    13. Tony Romo
    14. Kyle Orton
    15. Vince Young
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    In support of Ben being in top 5 if not 3...............

    o Most wins as a rookie in NFL history (14)
    o Most consecutive wins to start NFL career (14)
    o Highest rookie passer rating in NFL history (98.1)
    o Career passer rating of 92.4, 8th all-time (that means, in the history of the NFL).
    o 8.1 yards per attempt, 4th in NFL history.
    o 63.3% completion percentage (10th all-time in NFL history).
    o 5.4% TD percentage (4th among active QB's, and higher than Tom Brady).
    o Twice with passer rating over 100 (this season could be his 3rd).
    o Steelers record holder for 5 highest single-season passer ratings, most yards in a season, most TD's in a season.
    o 8-2 career playoff record (highest win percentage all-time).
    o 60-26 career regular season record.
    o 223 yds passing per game (18th all-time and soon to move into top-15).
    o 12.7 yards/completion (highest among any active QB).:

    Does not even mention Super Bowl wins just general career (so far) playoff wins.:wink:
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    i thought this was top ten qb;s in the nfl right now not the best qb with the best defense in the last 5 years.....

    big ben.... is good... but has also had the BEST defense in the NFL for the last five years. brady is better even tho he missed an entire season recently? Manning has all the stats and only one ring. these lists suck. ha ha
  5. fdsannie

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    You are trying to tell me that Ben did all of those things because he had a great defense? Really!
  6. 86WARD

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    The defense got Ben the ball back so he's got inflated probably shouldn't be in the Top-7. Seriously, Eli and Matt Schaub should be ahead of him as well.

  7. BoltzRule

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    Ben vs Rivers

    Ben has never gone to the playoffs without a top 5 defense (never lower than top 3 in points). Both SB years the Steelers were #1 in defense (both in yards and points).

    Rivers has only had a top 5 defense once (top 5 in points) yet has made the playoffs every season.

    Both QBs have great winning percentages (Ben = 69.2%, Rivers 68.5%). Rivers has done this without an elite defense while Ben has had a top 3 defense in points in 4 of 6 seasons (1st in 04 and 08, 2nd in 07, 3rd in 05), and a top 5 defense in yards in 5 of 6 seasons (1st 04, 07, 08. 4th in 05, 5th in 09).

    In comparison Rivers has only had 1 top 5 defense in points (5th in 2007, where he made it to the AFC Championship game), has never had top 5 defense in yards (best was 10th)

    Regarding fdsannie's post:

    Rivers' career Passer Rating - 96.9
    Ben's career Passer Rating - 92.1

    Rivers' completion % - 63.4
    Ben's completion % - 63.3

    Rivers' TD % - 5.6
    Ben's TD % - 5.3

    Rivers also has 2 seasons with a QB passer rating above 100 (well on his way for his 3rd straight, didn't include his rookie year where he only play 1 half).

    Rivers averages 243 yards per game as a starter. Even if you included games where he played very little in (his 1st 2 seasons) it's 232 yards.

    Rivers is on pace to have 3 straight 4000+ yard 100+ QB rating seasons. Of the top 5 QBs only Rivers and Peyton have had back to back 100+ QB rating seasons, Peyton had 3 in a row. Rivers is on pace to beat Marino's passing record and he's doing it without Vincent Jackson and with a bunch of undrafted free agents.

    Rodgers over Rivers is just laughable. The only thing stopping Rivers from being in the top 3 is a SB ring but even without one it's debatable. A QB can only do so much, look at how long it took Peyton to win a ring and Marino and Fouts never won one.

    Now my rankings:
    1. Peyton
    2. Brady
    3. Brees
    4. Rivers
    5. Ben
    6. Rodgers
    7. Eli
    8. Vick (dude has been a beast this season, and honestly none of the other QBs are that great)
    9. Matt Ryan
    10. Tony Romo/ Matt Schaub
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    Mike Vick is making his case, quickly

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    right now you could say that Rivers is playing like the best QB in the league
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    And Eli is making my case almost as quickly :-D
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    Riiiggghht. Because you know because the TWO INTS he had yesterday were both horrible INTs. Blown Route by Nicks and the other was a forced ball at the end of the game.

    Keep playing