Top Cornerback Prospect Morris Claiborne Scores A 4 On Wonderlic Test

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    Every year before the NFL Draft, it seems one big-time prospect's low Wonderlic score gets brought to light. This year, that player is former LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne, whom Pro Football Talk reports scored a 4 on the timed 50-question intelligence test. Based on his athletic skills and shutdown potential as a cover man, Claiborne is a potential top-six pick when the 2012 NFL Draft begins on April 26. The Minnesota Vikings (No. 3) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 5) both need the services of a young, top-flight corner. The revelation of what Claiborne did on the test might give the teams most interested in him a point to ponder, but by no means should it keep them from grabbing him high for what he can do on the field.

    Source: The Sporting News
  2. Dragonite

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    Crap I got something ridiculous on that test, its easy as hell.
  3. Steve12

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    It doesn't mean crap.
  4. andy82

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    It is, which is why it should bring some question marks when you score a freaking four!
  5. RichLikeWh0a

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    Probably by not giving a crap. I don't know why they still administer this test considering a crapty score will never scare a team away, so why should the athletes try?
  6. people are not saying he has a learning disability and struggles to read as a result.
  7. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    Well it's a good thing he's a freaking monster on the field. One thing he can read is a quarterback.
  8. 86WARD

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    First of all, most of these guys don't give a crap when they take this test.

    Secondly, if you don't give a crap or think you may not do well on it or have a learning disability, why bother taking it?!? Just skip the crap...His agent should've stepped in and stopped him from taking it.

    Lastly and most importantly, why does this get leaked. Brats the real story here. These results are supposed to be "confidential." yet every year, the "lowest" score gets leaked. It's bull crap...

    This isn't going to affect his draft status a little bit.
  9. K Train

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    peterson did too, they really teach them up at LSU lol.

    hes a nice kid though, him being dumb isnt a surprise. he could have put C for every answer and got a 10-11 lol
  10. themush

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    I don't give a good Gad Damn if he can't even spell his own name, when he's on the field he's lockdown.
  11. bigsexyy81

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    Ha these responses are great.
  12. CaptainStubing

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    ok, so a lot of people are claiming that he scored a 4 because he didn't even try. I guess it's possible but I'm having trouble with that theory for a few reasons:

    1) These players have the option to not participate in certain pre-draft activities. Why not just opt out entirely?
    2) These players typically have their agent and a team of people discussing with them precisely what they will and will not be doing leading up to the draft. They wouldn't have had him take the test if they had discussed it and he said he wasn't going to try because now it just looks bad.
    3) These top college players are on the verge of getting big paydays. They know purposely bombing an activity could end up cost them MILLIONS of dollars. Would a player purposely walk the 40 yard dash and post a time of 30 seconds just because he didn't feel like running that day?

    I don't care which way people want to spin this story, it's bad either way.

    If he really bombed it, then he's a total idiot and it IS something to be concerned with (understanding complex NFL defenses/offenses, making good life decisions off-the-field, etc.).

    If he purposely bombed it, then I think we should all question his attitude, commitment and decision-making abilities.

    Either way, this is not good.
  13. Mike

    Mike Want some Cheetos?

    these kids who havent had two freaking cents to their name till they started getting boasters around them could give a crap about a test

    he'll get paid and thats what matters
  14. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Agreed... The wonderlic test is pointless to me and it always will be.
  15. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Whether he failed it legit or purposely didn't give a crap will have ZERO bearing on his draft status. Zero. The wonderlic test never does. Look at Vince Young as an example.
  16. bigsexyy81

    bigsexyy81 Muffin Top

    I agree with Stubing.

    Maybe teams desperate for an impact top 10 player are willing to look past what scoring a completely pitiful 4 can say about a player, but teams that have more sense and aren't so desperate will take it into account.
  17. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    i'll take his dumbass on the eagles any day of the week and i'd want him to wear #4 to mock his score.

    BOOM !
  18. markaz

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    Doesn't mean crap. Beat the previous record holder (Vince Young) by two points and didn't do anything to derail the HOF career of Young.
  19. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    yeah the dream team took care of that. :banghead:
  20. MadMoxxiFavGun

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    as long as the athlete can play the game of football. hell i wanted Nate Davis to start over Alex because dude can play